Consulting areas

Discover our main consulting areas

Creation of offshore companies

Apersonalized advice on matters of international corporate law.

International banking consultants

Tworking with the most solvent and safe banks in the main low tax territories.

Tax havens and low tax territories

CSpecialist consultants in low tax territories.

Information Exchange CRS-FATCA

Acounseling of international banking specialists in matters of automatic information exchange

Offshore companies and accounts

Our worldwide network of advisers is at your disposal to set up your offshore company with an offshore bank account in the jurisdiction that best suits your needs.

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Express companies

Get a company already established with a bank account without paperwork. Consult our available companies.

Banking services

Discover our main consulting areas

Offshore accounts

GWe recommend opening offshore bank accounts in any jurisdiction. We work with the best private banking providers.

Anonymous cards and accounts

TAll our clients will enjoy the privacy they need with the maximum availability of their money.

Pre-paid cards

GConveniently organize payments for your international business with a multi-currency pre-paid card program.

Origin of offshore wealth

Destination of offshore wealth

Tax residence management

Transfer your tax residence to a low tax jurisdiction. Bet on this legal alternative to pay less taxes.

Protection of heritage

Be cautious and protect your assets against possible lawsuits that may come in the future. Correctly choose a jurisdiction.

Regularization of assets abroad

We will accompany you throughout the negotiation process before the AEAT and we will offer you a balance of your current situation.

Automatic Exchange of Information

Go one step ahead and stay informed of regulatory changes that may affect your international accounts

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Foster Swiss is a Swiss international consultancy, based in Madrid, Barcelona and Geneva, with top-level offices, which provides its services to the Spanish-speaking world market. Our scope of action operates in the financial, tax and legal areas, whether for individuals or companies.

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Discover the latest financial news from the offshore sector.

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The admission by the Supreme Court of three appeals related to the declaration of goods and rights abroad confirms the existence of relevant doubts about ...

Offshore accounts in Andorra and tax planning

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Is it very difficult to open an offshore account in the Emirates?

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