When it comes to starting a business abroad or internationalizing a company, due to its proximity and quality of life, both socially and economically, Switzerland has become one of the favorite destinations when it comes to starting one of these new adventures preferred by many entrepreneurs.

Opening a company in Switzerland in a short time is possible because it is synonymous with safe investment and many of them are even aimed at safeguarding assets and offering greater security for assets against the instability of investing in other countries with a euro that is still quite unstable. .

Deciding to invest in Switzerland, make investments in Switzerland or do business in Switzerland is another facility offered by the current global model. And Foster swiss offers you the possibility of carrying all this out, in a short time and with little red tape, thanks to our experienced team of international consultants.

But if you do not want to open a company in Switzerland, you also have the opportunity to acquire a Swiss company already established and thus save even more paperwork. These are already linked to a bank account and deal with companies in Switzerland with some age.

Whatever decision you choose, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.