Greek crisis: the ideal time to open offshore bank accounts

Greece moves in unfamiliar terrain, markets falter and the Greek stock market sinks. This is the ideal time to open an offshore bank account, both for companies and individuals.

The Greek crisis, and all the decisions made by the Prime Minister of Athens, Alexis Tsipras, such as the bank playpen, the expiration of the second bailout and the debt of almost 1.600 billion euros to the International Monetary Fund, cast doubt on everything. the financial system, its solvency and the direction it will take from here on out.

The impossibility of withdrawing our money and the insecurity that this generates, affects both large companies and individuals. And therefore, it makes us ask ourselves the following question: what to do with our money? How to keep it safe?

It is an ideal time to open offshore bank accounts In jurisdictions with tax benefits to keep our money safe and, at the same time, get the most profitability.

At Foster Swiss, international private banking tax consultants, we recommend the creating an offshore bank account, ideal for both companies and individuals.

Thanks to our personalized attention and specialized service, we will advise you on the jurisdiction and bank that best suits your needs and we will accompany you throughout the entire process of creating an offshore bank account, facilitating this work.

For more information on how open an offshore bank accountDo not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


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