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After the results of the referendum in Greece, the Greeks have opted for the "no", the "no" to the measures imposed by the European Union. After more than five years of austerity, the Athenians have deposited in the ballot boxes their satiety over this situation.
With a Greece heading for the unknown, experts predict a change that has not yet been described as good or bad. For Alexis Tsipras, this result has been the clear support of the Greek people, thus rising to the EU, and with renewed forces to retake the ground.
Given this situation and an even more feasible exit from Greece from the euro, the perfect way to safeguard our capital as a company is with the heritage protection, a practice that dates back more than 50 years.
La offshore wealth protection o Asset protection is the way to protect our wealth and the assets of legal entities, companies and individuals.
Good offshore heritage protection It allows us to legally invest our assets in foreign markets, own real estate, companies or offshore bank accounts in other jurisdictions.
At Foster Swiss, international private banking tax consultantsWe will recommend the jurisdiction that best suits your personal case. In addition, we will advise you throughout the process and procedures of the heritage protection. We have lawyers specialized in these offshore procedures.
The years and the satisfaction of our clients guarantee our experience that has allowed us to choose the safest foreign countries and the most reliable and expert international service providers to offer you the best solution.


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