The term offshore banking refers to a group of banking entities located in tax havens and that are regulated by special laws that grant them greater freedom and more favorable tax treatment. These institutions are dedicated to attracting foreign funds, companies and investments.

The banks that are located in a tax haven are boffshore anchors. These, at the same time, coexist with onshore banks, the current entities that everyone knows and that do not avail themselves of that specific legislation.

The main advantages of offshore banking

-Greater freedom in operations, as there is less government intervention and fewer regulations. There are no exchange controls or controls on foreign transactions.

-Low or no taxes. Generally, deposits in offshore bank accounts are exempt from tax.

-Privacy and confidentiality. All operations are protected. There are strict laws on Banking secrecy and privacy, making the exchange of tax information from one country to another.

-The offshore jurisdictions Where these banks are located enjoy good financial and monetary stability.

-Special benefits. These offshore banks offer special benefits like numbered accounts o anonymous cards.

At Foster Swiss, international private banking tax consultantsWe recommend that you invest in offshore jurisdictions and do it through offshore bank accounts. With a offshore bank account You will benefit from all the advantages mentioned above.

Invest in paraísos fiscales and in the offshore banking. You will enjoy tax benefits and tax exemption, privacy, confidentiality, Banking secrecy, Among others.

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