Tax havens are territories or jurisdictions that are characterized by having special tax regimes that are favorable to non-resident citizens. Benefit from opening a bank account in a tax haven.

The reasons for open a bank account in a tax haven they are very varied. Some of them are:

-Favors investment. These offshore jurisdictions they are eager to receive foreign investment. They have a special tax system to attract them. Investments are carried out more efficiently and flexibly in these paradises

-Tax savings. In these territories there are better tax conditions than in high-tax countries, such as some bgarlic and no taxes

-Asset protection. Security and privacy. These jurisdictions enjoy economic and political stability. They do not have information exchange agreements with other countries, so the Privacy and anonymity and protection of property and assets

At Foster Swiss, international private banking tax consultants, with more than 15 years of experience in creation of offshore bank accounts and in the constitution of offshore companiesWe recommend that you invest in paraísos fiscales. Although these financial systems are associated with organized crime, there is their lawful use without falling into illegality.

The reasons for open a bank account in a tax haven they are numerous and advantageous for foreign investments. You will benefit from a special and low tax system and total privacy.

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