If you want to place your assets and do not know which jurisdiction to choose, Andorra is one of the ideal destinations. It is considered one of the best options to invest by foreign investors. In Andorra there are no taxes on real estate, wealth or the income of individuals.

The small Principality of Andorra offers an environment and a location, between Spain and France, attractive for investors. It has a population of more than 84.000 inhabitants and a per capita income of approximately 30.000 euros.

Each filtering bag Andorra banks They are known for offering one of the best private banking services. Among the services they offer, we highlight asset management, investment funds, offshore accounts, as well as personalized services for each client and attention and support in Spanish.

Since 2009, Andorra has been on the OECD blacklist. This provides Andorra with an excellent legal and tax framework for investors. The Banking secrecy It is regulated by the Bank Secrecy Protection Law, so that all your bank details are protected, both by bank employees and by administrators, and any violation of bank secrecy is punishable by law.

In addition, the automatic exchange of tax informationalthough if you have bilateral information exchange agreements with Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden and San Marino, among others.

Open one offshore bank account in Andorra and enjoy a special jurisdiction with an ideal tax regime. Foster Swiss, international private banking tax consultants, offers you services of bank account opening in Andorra and in other jurisdictions.

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