Luxembourg is one of the financial centers The world's leading companies with a market capitalization even higher than that of the Cayman Islands, Singapore or Hong Kong. He specializes in offering financial banking structures for non-residents. The Luxembourg offshore services are innumerable, like the opening an offshore bank account, creating an offshore company, investing or conducting international business operations without any type of restriction, thanks to the fiscal facilities offered by its legislation.

Although Luxembourg is not considered a offshore jurisdiction by the OECD, it attracts investors from all over the European continent, such as Germany, Belgium or France, largely due to the tax benefits that grants its financial structure.

Each filtering bag Luxembourg offshore services Take advantage of tax benefits such as low taxation, withholding on dividends and bank secrecy that provides high confidentiality in our operations and commercial transactions. Another advantage for Luxembourg offshore services is that it is a member belonging to the European Union, which means that it is in constant contact with the market and the European countries, something very advantageous when it comes to investing.

Each filtering bag Luxembourg offshore services they have more than 1.200 pension or investment funds, and more than 10.000 holding companies and groups incorporated there.

So if we have in mind to invest in the international market, or simply to deposit our funds or our assets in a bank account away from high taxes, Luxembourg is an ideal place to do it.

Everything always from a totally legal perspective, since the illegal thing would be not to inform the tax authorities of our country of the offshore services hired in a foreign country.

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