How to open a bank account in Dubai

Currently and bathed in oil, Dubai is one of the most prosperous areas in the world. And place to consider when exporting or opening a company in Dubai. Spanish in Dubai is in fashion and starting a business in this part of the East is often synonymous with success. Large constructions, the infrastructure boom and increasingly increasing tourism are his letters of introduction.

More and more people also decide opening a bank account in Dubai, taking advantage of the tax benefits of having one in this country. Dubai is more fashionable than ever and offers interesting economic benefits. It's not very hard open a bank account in Dubai, we advise you from minute one and until you have your operation fully operational bank account in dubai. How to do it? Pay attention.

First you need to have a residence permit to open an account in Dubai. And immediately, you will benefit from options like these: bank confidentiality without an information exchange agreement with any country. It will also not have currency restrictions, since its local banks do not depend on the outside. In addition Dubai is famous for the importance of the banks that operate in it as Citibank, Emirates NBD, HSBC ...

But above all, there are no taxes such as corporation tax, no withholding tax, nor VAT, and all this despite being a member of the OECD, which does not consider it a tax haven either. Political stability and flexibility, and one of the most advanced banking networks in the world, also allow for numerous transactions over the Internet.