Company Formation Increased in the British Virgin Islands

They constitute a true paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, remote landscapes and beautiful photographs that make these islands a perfect destination for tourists. The British Virgin Islands comprise approximately fifty small Caribbean islands where around fifteen are inhabited and owned by the United Kingdom.
Inhabited for approximately 2200 years by Native Americans, the British Virgin Islands They are not only a beautiful destination to spend the holidays, it is also one of the most economically prosperous territories speaking of this part of the planet. A few kilometers from Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands have a quite remarkable Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and to them important American fortunes come, but not only from this country.
More and more Europeans visit the British Virgin Islands because, apart from tourism, the incorporation of companies from abroad or offshore companies is the second main source of income for the Islands. And it is that the British Virgin Islands have established themselves as one of the largest offshore financial centers on the Planet with laws in force for 2 years (30). Just a decade ago, the differences between residents and nonresidents were eliminated. Since then, its flexibility and modernity have inspired other territories on the planet that aspire to be an important axis in the constitution of offshore companies.
Supervised by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), it applies the European Directive on Taxation of Savings, although the official currency is the US dollar. However, this directive only affects individuals and not corporations and companies that can play an attractive role with unique products and services such as funds, trusts, hedge ... also to set up investment funds, the British Virgin Islands play an important role. To his credit, there are already more than 3.000. Captive venture companies or yacht licenses occupy another prominent role in their economic activity and are accessible to all those citizens who wish to do so.

Create an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands

Currently, we can find up to 750.000 offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands, What do you have to do to create one? It is very easy, having the advice of specialist international consulting companies such as Foster Swiss is an essential factor to take into account. To create an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands, only one person is essential as a shareholder, no more is necessary. Therefore, there are no capital stock limits, no local taxes are paid, no income tax or corporation tax, no annual audits, and no capital gains are recorded. Meanwhile, it allows the issuance of bearer shares and there are tax agreements between the Islands and other important jurisdictions such as Japan or Switzerland. The most common legal form to create an offshore company in the Islands is that of the International Business Company or IBC, created under an international legal framework and characterized by maximum confidentiality, that is, neither directors nor shareholders appear in any public file and This company can have bank accounts anywhere in the world.
Offshore companies are also a suitable tool for trade and investment purposes. And they are especially popular for purposes such as international trade, investment (capital, stocks, bonds, etc.), holding functions (for example, intellectual property, yachts, and real estate), and the provision of professional services and financing (treasury management among companies in the same group and human resource management).