Quantum Financial System in detail: the definitive guide to understanding it

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is already an unstoppable reality. A virtual private network (VPN) that aims to create a cross-border interbank payment system (CIPS). A network also based on sovereignty and trade, but do you really know what it is? Are you aware of your full potential? We tell you all the details ...

If there is a government obsessed with this issue it is, without a doubt, the United States. The Trump Administration has been especially committed to the quantum financial system and by making the most of its incredible potential by virtue of economic growth, technological advancement, and the national security of the United States.

To coordinate a national research effort spanning federal agencies, the academic community, and industry leaders, the White House National Office for Quantum Coordination published “A Strategic Vision for America's Quantum Financial System NetworksBut how important is this system?

How the QFS works

Quantum Financial System (QFS) provides flawless and clean integrity in the movement of funds from Central Bank sources to destination accounts. The QFS covers the new global network for the transfer of asset-backed funds, thus being able to replace the centrally controlled SWIFT System in the US.

A key benefit of the QFS is to protect from corruption and manipulation of the banking system, and ensure that banks are monitored and protected with respect to the contract agreed in the transfer fund process.

QFS is completely independent from the existing centralized system, making all other transfer systems obsolete due to its advanced capabilities. QFS is NOT a crypto currency, but an asset backed digital currency.

QFS makes use of a photonic technology of 3,5 billion frames per second. It replaces outdated dynamic IP routing with physical GPS authentication between sender and receiver routing, while maintaining 100% financial security and transparency for all currency owners.

One of the objectives is to establish protocols with QFS so that Artificial Intelligence controls transfers and is allowed to independently control the global financial network unless the highest level of approval is given. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) program can manage instant settlements in real time without delay.

The AI ​​assigns a “digital” number to every fiat dollar, euro or yen in every bank account anywhere in the world. The "digital" numbers are controlled in real time. The physical location of the GPS between the sender and the receiver is configured to provide unbreakable security when the record is made regarding who sent it and which account received it.

The “new” digital currency of the future

The coins themselves and the virtual coins will have barcodes and GPS tracking devices. Among the conventional tokens on the market with standard asset tokens, the asset collection chain jointly documents the object of exchange of digital assets: the digital currency SDR.

Each global “node” establishes a general ledger token (GLT) for regional circulation and this SDR digital currency will therefore be the main exchange currency together with the tokens of each international node.

In this “monetary ecosystem”, the token of each node can use GLT (General Ledger Token) to carry out regional circulation and each GLT can use ACC to carry out international circulation.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

The DLT is the database that is "decentralized" on several computers or nodes. Each node will keep the ledger and if there are changes to the data, the ledger will be updated with the exact value.

The "updates" are independent of each "node". All nodes have the same state authority. There is no central authority or server managing the database. Each node can update the ledger and other nodes verify its existence.

The nodes verify the transaction with the "consensus algorithm". Sometimes all nodes can participate and sometimes only selected nodes. After all nodes are up, all nodes receive an updated status.

Cross-border interbank payment system (CIPS)

CIPS virtual currency is very similar to Bitcoin, but it will be secured by real assets and will replace all current currencies around the world. Transactions will be executed in QFS VPN and can be used for the purchase of all goods and services, using CIPS resources.

100 billion gold coins and 100 billion silver coins will be minted. Once minted, there will never be more or less coins. Each CIPS coin will have a virtual counterpart.

QFS AI will keep track of fluctuation and manage all boundary conditions (in addition to keeping track of all locations)


In Blockchain, each node gets its own copy of the ledger. All instant transactions are encrypted before being added to the ledger.

Blockchain does NOT require a central authority; it is completely decentralized as DLT. Blockchain organizes data in terms of "blocks" that are "linked" and "encrypted" for total GPS security. All data (transactions) exists in history and cannot be altered or deleted, thus creating a clean and pristine integrity of all transactions.

Sequence is the distinctive difference in BLOCKCHAIN

Blockchain is simply a subset of distributed ledgers. Blockchain takes DLT to the next level. Distributed Ledger Technology is the matrix of Blockchain Technology and the means to “eliminate” banking supervision.

DLT solves the problems in the financial realm: that is, Blockchain is part of the world of cryptocurrencies.

But how do you manage the “new funds” (backed assets) in the QFS? In the new system, “you” will receive an electronic notification from the AI ​​that your expected asset-backed funds are ready to “carry” to the specific account you have previously noted. You will follow the "prompts" that will ask for your "old" access code (password)

In short, the QFS puts an end to the corruption that may currently exist with respect to the Central Bank. The QFS will cover the new global network for the transfer of asset-backed funds. And it replaces the centrally controlled SWIFT system in the US.


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