The first Chinese bank to adopt the Quantum Financial System

Quantum Financial System

First of all we should define what is the Quantum Financial System (QFS), in Castilian quantum financial system. To put it in a very basic way, it is a new and innovative financial system, created by Chinese engineers.

This system, among other things, aims to replace the existing SWIFT system in banking entities as a means of communication in economic traffic, and which is called as completely independent of the existing system, where everything we know will become obsolete, including banks .

The Quantum Financial System and the commercial and mercantile revolution

El QFS provides absolutely transparent integrity and safe in any movement of funds from the sources of the Central Bank to the destination accounts.

The protocols are controlled by an Artificial Intelligence system and it lacks a reference currency as such, but relies on the use of a cryptocurrency. It is a Copernican twist on everything we know so far about it.

Reasons like the corruption, banking abuse and lack of security have prompted China to devise and implement this new system, which also has a new digital currency, with numerous potential benefits, including increased efficiency and transparency, where everything will be centralized in the central bank, setting aside the techniques close to the manipulation and usury of many traditional entities.

These traditional entities Until now they have controlled our money, our economy, in a way that the feeling (very close to reality) is that any individual or company is currently in your hands, literally, and at your mercy, with the obligation to submit to any abusive conditions to which they want to subject us.

With the existence of this central bank digital currency (CDB), it will provide central banks information in real time any type of transaction with millimeter accuracy, thus allowing these central banks to know all the details of each transaction produced, how and where.

The current problems of the global financial system among others, it is an absolute dependence on the dollar as the reference currency, and on the SWIFT system, (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications). There are no more viable options so far than those offered by the traditional system.

The QFS it would expel the fraudulent monetary system, and the great burden of state financing in the hands of the banking entities, which the only thing it causes is to overload consumption and entrepreneurship with costs, stimulating fraud and the abuse of financial power.

That's why the Quantum Financial System. Many States, in view of this related problem, had begun their journey to create a new digital currency and a system that put a stop to the financial and banking dictatorship and the US dollar.

But it has been China the pioneer and the first to obtain a fully developed system, with a virtual currency called China's digital currency, the DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment), and an Artificial Intelligence fraud control system, already operational.

One of the essential advantages that it is intended to have is avoid inequality of particular demographic groups and specific underprivileged industries so that, with reliable information and in real time, the policies in this regard can always go hand in hand to develop an efficient balance.

Eliminate "absolute" control of US economic policies, many of them, having been shown to be totally partial and punitive in the face of specific States, which have generated hunger and desolation by imposing impossible sanctions, it liberates the economy by favoring global economic growth in a real way and without artifice or abuse.

That is why China seeks to get out of the US control that so many abuses have shown. Chinese phone companies, like Huawei that have worked for years in countries like Africa, can now already embed chips to facilitate the adoption of DCEP in their phones there and in other developing countries.

China has set itself the goal of creating a policy that connects Asia, Africa and Europe with infrastructure projects, offering the DCEP to allow wherever it is Establish this cooperation, buy and sell products with China with ease and reliability by removing the dollar from the equation.

Until now, in developing economies, crypto currencies have grown by their greater speed and efficiency when making payments so China bets on the renminbi as a base (currency or currency of the people, digital yen). The cost of transactions is practically non-existent.

Therefore, at present, Huishang Bank has turned to quantum communication and corresponding encryption; and the bank is already using this type of communication; that you assert basic for the security of data traffic.

The aforementioned bank Huishang has also launched into applying such encryption when issuing digital certificates between its branches and the China Financial Certification Authority.

There is no doubt that this pioneering trend, and its promising benefits They must be accompanied by many others in different countries that have already started their journey, following the Chinese trail to join to this type of financial policy that encompasses everything, the economy and international trade, as well as the aforementioned independence and security.

Current identification and encryption banking systems have proven ineffective in many cases, which is why, This innovative system ensures to overcome this vulnerability through encryption by newer methods through quantum security.

The goal to achieve complete globalization and absolute security is to develop standards that also oblige the United States so that each sector of the industry must adopt and replace its infrastructure with the new computing quantum, reaching a totally international level and without exclusions.

Because whatever it may be, and by whatever means, it is clear at this moment that we live that the world must give a turn in the financial system both national and international, making it more fair and equitable.

For now, in this race to reach quantum communications at its maximum potential, there are already some companies that are ready, among them, Huishang Bank, who are currently at the forefront of finance in the Quantum Financial System.

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