April 30
This is how the EU plans to tax the digital economy
The EU is moving forward with plans for a new digital tax rate for multinational companies with proposals to be discussed soon in the European Parliament. MEPs call for a new and fairer allocation of tax rights for highly digitized multinationals and a revision of the traditional concept of permanent establishment, as it does not cover ...
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open offshore bank account
Many times it has been said that anyone, both individuals and legal entities, can open an offshore bank account without any problem. And, in part, it is true. However, there are cases in which some trust companies only open offshore accounts to individuals with previously incorporated companies, or offer only complete packages that include a ...
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create society in cyprus
Being able to deal with an offshore company within the European Union is one of the best advantages that any company in Europe wants. Why? Not only do they get access to one of the largest trading networks in the world, but everything also becomes much easier with the subject of economies, ...
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open an offshore account in Isle of Man
If you have been learning about offshore jurisdictions for some time, you have probably heard about the Isle of Man several times. This small island offers a lot of tax and financial advantages, especially for those who decide to get an account for their company . However, opening an offshore account in Isla ...
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