Create an offshore company in Andorra. What are the requirements?

We are sure that many people who are interested in creating a company in Europe, know about this jurisdiction. It is one of the most accessible for Spanish residents, but it is also one that offers many advantages even for residents of other countries. And this includes investors from Latin America. The most common advantages of creating an offshore company in Andorra include tax and accessibility benefits.

Furthermore, something that usually causes a lot of confusion among those interested in create an offshore company in Andorra, are the requirements to create a company. These are very varied and depend to a great extent on the type of company that you want to establish. To facilitate this knowledge, and you can start preparing in advance for the process, here we mention the most important ones.

The main documents necessary to create an offshore company in Andorra

Before knowing what all the necessary requirements are to create an offshore company in Andorra, you must choose the type of company you want to create. These are very varied, going from an LLC to a Holding. You must choose the type of company depending on the activities you want to carry out with your company, and depending on the type of tax planning that seems ideal.

In choosing your legal form, it is strongly recommended to obtain professional or fiduciary advice. Therefore, in this case we will only talk about the general requirements to create an offshore company in Andorra. First, what you will need is a series of personal documents, which you probably already have available. These will be necessary to put the company in your name and to open the bank account, and include a passport, proof of address, a resume and other papers that the bank may request.

Additionally, you will need to meet a series of requirements that are necessary to create the offshore company in Andorra. These are more difficult to get, and they require you to go to the management to be able to administer them personally. It is a physical address or office for the company, a minimum of employees (accountants, administrators, etc.) and a minimum capital.

Is it possible to create a company in Andorra without being a resident?

Another of the necessary requirements to create an offshore company in Andorra is that there is at least one director or shareholder who is a resident of the jurisdiction. This is a huge hurdle that most investors cannot meet. For this reason, at Foster Swiss we offer you fiduciary services so that you can open a company without the need to travel or be a resident.

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