An offshore account in Malta What are the requirements?

If you have been investigating the offshore world for some time, you will surely know about an offshore jurisdiction such as Malta. It is a financial center highly recognized for its tax and privacy advantages. Further, it also has an excellent banking system, which is home to some of the best international banks in the world. Thanks to this, opening an offshore account in Malta is now a great point of interest.

On the other hand, the exact requirements needed to open an offshore account in Malta they have always been difficult to decipher. Also, if you don't know where to look, Obtaining this information can be a real challenge. For this reason, this time we want to offer you a little information about the requirements to open this type of account and their accessibility.

Basic documents to open an offshore account in Malta

There is a reason why knowing the documents required to open an offshore account in Malta is so difficult to know. It is mainly due to the fact that these various largely depend on the bank where you decide to apply for the account. However, most banks have a basic requirements protocol, which is similar in most countries.

These include your full name, an identity document or a passport, bank references, and proof of address. Additional documents, which you can find listed on the bank page of your interest, are quite varied. These can range from a proof of the origin of the funds, to an income tax document. Also, most banks have a minimum deposit set for an offshore account in Malta.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that most banks require that the beneficiary be a resident of the jurisdiction when opening an offshore account in Malta. This is common in most countries, and a bigger obstacle for people who want a international account. Luckily, there are still alternatives to opening an account.

Open an account in Malta without being a resident

If the residency requirement is an obstacle to your process of opening an offshore account in Malta, we at Foster Swiss can help. We offer fiduciary and consulting services, all focused on helping you open an account without the need to travel or be a resident. Likewise, we take care of the entire opening process.

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