We have anonymous bank account opening services with numbered debit cards in Asia, America and Europe for companies, individuals and business corporations.

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DWe have anonymous bank account opening services with numbered debit cards in Asia, America and Europe for companies, individuals and corporate corporations.

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When you decide to open a bank account in an entity of the Bahamas It is important to know the approximate amount of money that will be deposited in the account since each bank has different policies and different opening balances and minimum balances to be kept in mind.

We will carry out a study of its characteristics in order to offer you the bank that best suits your needs.

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    Bahamas Economy


    ahamas It is an independent state located in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cuba, northwest of the Turks and Caicos, and east of the Florida peninsula. It is an archipelago of twenty-four inhabited islands and more than 2000 rocks, reefs and uninhabited islands. With capital Nassau, The Bahamas has an economy based on tourism and offshore banking. In this tax jurisdiction, non-residents can enjoy a wide range of offshore banking services through the internet, and also create offshore companies.

    Bahamas brokerage accounts


    Among the most used banking services in the Bahamas we find the brokerage accounts for investments in the stock market. There are tax advantages in terms of the absence of taxes on profits and capital returns. Many brokers operate from the Bahamas with actions, options, futures or bonds in the main stock markets. You can open an account offshore brokerage at various Bahamas banks; These accounts are protected by bank secrecy in addition to the country's political stability.

    Is it legal to open an offshore bank account in the Bahamas?


    We must emphasize that it is perfectly legal to open a Bahamas offshore bank account, or in any offshore jurisdiction or low tax. Illegality arises when the beneficiary of said offshore accounts

    You have not informed the administrative and tax authorities of your country of origin of the opening of said bank account.

    We must bear in mind that one of the main characteristics that offshore jurisdictions have is the privacy and disclosure of tax information of their clients.

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    Top reasons to have an offshore bank account in the Bahamas

    En many times it is much more profitable to make investments in the country that we do not live since in the country of residence we pay high taxes. There are several reasons to open a offshore bank account and carry out operations abroad:

    International business activities investment diversification


    Depending on the case, it can be much more profitable to make the investments in the country that we do not reside since in the country of residence we pay high taxes.

    Tax savings

    A Sometimes, it is best to invest with our company from abroad since, if we do it ourselves with our company in our country of residence, we would pay high taxes.

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    Protection of assets and search for security and privacy

    En occasions life can play a trick on you: divorces, lawsuits, civil liability, threat of jail ... we must have everything planned and through foundations, companies and offshore bank accounts we could minimize these daily problems.

    Advantages of opening an offshore bank account in the Bahamas

    as bahamian banks They can offer you, among others, the following advantages:

    • Low or zero taxes for both residents and non-residents.
    • Banking secrecy and commercial established by law (breach of bank secrecy is punishable by imprisonment and high fines).
    • Financial legislation and commercial not overly sophisticated as few requirements are required for opening bank accounts.
    • There is no change control and there is great freedom in the movement of capital
    • Little banking regulation.
    • Great political and economic stability since if there were some kind of problem in the country, there would be a considerable capital flight and this does not interest any offshore jurisdiction.
    • In these jurisdictions there is no tax information exchange agreements with high taxation countries.
    • Companies that Bahamas It has good communications and especially telecommunications.
    • The staff of online banking It is multilingual: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese with 24-hour service, 365 days a year.
    • Flexible legal system

    Major offshore banks operating in the Bahamas

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    Consult us your needs. We can open your Bahamas bank account without requiring any type of displacement or inconvenience on your part.

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