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n the current contextual framework, banks are retreating, that is, a refusal by banks to offer this type of card. However, there are banking, financial and electronic money entities that still continue to offer this product.

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With a bank account created, you can have an anonymous bank card associated with it, issued by Visa or MasterCard. With it you can withdraw money from any ATM in the world and to recharge a card from the internet or from your own account in Switzerland, make anonymous purchases online or in establishments and register the card in Paypal or Thanks to the security systems they enjoy, there is no record of the person or the operation.

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    as anonymous bank cards are one of the star products of the offshore industry. They represent an easy way to repatriate funds from a tax haven or territory of low taxation to the country of residence, without compromising the data of the bank account where the main funds are deposited.

    What were known as anonymous bank accountsThose in which the bank did not know the identity of the client have ceased to be operational. Currently open a anonymous bank account It is complicated, however, there are still territories and offshore jurisdictions that allow this type of accounts. The anonymity of these occurs with the fact that these countries protect the identity of customers through laws.

    Some banks and electronic money institutions around the world offer this type of card in different formats and currencies, such as Swiss banks. Switzerland is a country that has very beneficial taxation for those who deposit money there. One of the most attractive and attention-grabbing aspects is its Banking secrecy, a benefit about to disappear. The Swiss banking system allows bank account creation legally, respecting the Privacy of the clients.

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    Is it legal to open a bank account and have a Swiss anonymous bank card linked?


    get a real anonymity In financial operations in a world as interconnected as this, it is increasingly difficult and insecure. Governments have identified the evasiΓ³n de impuestos as one of the main threats. Due to this, they have increased the pressure they exert on banks and financial entities to deliver all the personal information of their clients and on their bank accounts.

    In this context, many investors wonder if it is legal open a bank account and have anonymous bank card. The answer is yes, it is legal and a lawful practice. Despite this, they do not enjoy complete anonymity, since by law, banks are obliged to know the account holder, the origin of the funds, and the client, to comply with the legislation, must notify the administrations local account opening. In Spain, through the Model 720 of Information to the Treasury, and in the case of the United States, the exchange of information is carried out automatically, from banking entities to local administrations.

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    How do anonymous bank cards work?


    The operation of anonymous bank cards it is quite simple. It consists of the interposition of an intermediary between the client's bank account and his debit card, which is totally independent from the account. These are a side effect of certain uses of traditional cards, but for the purposes of Privacy.

    The mechanism is as follows: generally a company has a "Mother account" in a financial institution, and a series of β€œdaughter accounts” or "Subaccounts", each corresponding to a debit card. From the mother account you can deposit funds in each subaccount, and in turn, withdraw these funds through the card at any ATM. They are used for privacy purposes, since the different daughter accounts are not nominative, that is, they are identified only by a number that normally coincides with that of the associated card, in this way, the cardholder can make a refund at an ATM or a payment at a point of sale and only the card number is registered, and no personal data.

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    The cards have EMV technology with chip or pin. The information on the card is stored on a chip attached to it.

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    Nor are in the name of the owner, but under electronic purses

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    Se deals with secure cards, which comply with Visa and Master Card protocol systems, such as PCI DSS, 3D Secure and anti-fraud measures

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    EThey are issued by the main payment providers, such as Visa and Master Card

    Types of anonymous bank cards

    CContact our specialized anonymous card team to choose the one that meets the benefits that suit your needs: Gift Card or prepaid cards, Platinum or Black Cards issued by Visa and Mastercard or virtual Cards that are like electronic wallets
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