Swiss stock company.


The main characteristics of Swiss limited companies are as follows:

  1. Used mainly by SMEs.
  2. The minimum share capital is 100.000 Swiss francs, the equivalent of € 72.000.
  3. At least 50% of the share capital must be paid up.
  4. Shareholders can remain completely anonymous.
  5. The company must be represented by at least one person residing in Switzerland; we can provide you with the figure of the Swiss resident director.

If the characteristics of this type of society convince you, think no more, contact us and find out about everything, it may be the future project that best suits your interests.

Limited company in Switzerland

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as Swiss Public Limited Companies They enjoy great credibility in the business world, due to the diligence and excellent banking system they rely on, and which are very useful when it comes to conducting important business.

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The answer is Foster Swiss


In Foster Swiss, international and independent banking consultants, based in Madrid and Geneva, we offer you the possibility of creating a Limited Company in Switzerland adapted to your needs or the possibility of acquiring a company incorporated in Switzerland.

We also offer additional direct debit services for your society in Switzerland, virtual office, Swiss telephone number so that your company appears correctly domiciled in Switzerland, with a prestigious registered office. In addition, companies deliver them with a bank account opened at a Swiss entity.

Contact us without obligation. Foster Swiss has extensive experience in constitution of offshore companies in Switzerland and in other jurisdictions.

    Offshore companies

    Swiss Stock Company

    • Mainly used by medium and large companies.
    • The minimum share capital is 100.000 Swiss francs (€ 72.700)
    • At least 50% of the share capital must be disbursed. (50.000 Swiss francs must be supported with the constitution).
    • Shareholders can remain completely anonymous.
    • The company must be represented by at least one person resident in Switzerland. (We can provide you with the figure of the Swiss resident director).

    Taxes in Switzerland


    Companies with legal headquarters (registered office) or effective headquarters in Switzerland are tax residents in Switzerland, and therefore, are obliged to pay taxes on their worldwide income, except for the benefits derived from branches, foreign and foreign real estate that are exempt. Non-resident companies in Switzerland They are subject to taxes on income generated in the country, that is, income from establishments, permanent branches and real estate located in Switzerland.

    In Switzerland a Corporation tax at three levels: federal, cantonal and municipal.

    At the federal level, at a fixed rate of 8.5%. However, since the tax is deductible for income tax purposes, the effective income tax rate is 7.83% at the federal level. At the cantonal / municipal level, each canton has its own taxes. Taxes on income and capital vary from canton to canton. Generally, this tax varies between 11.5% and 24.2%.

    On VAT, a standard rate of 8% applies. However, there are various reduced VAT rates: 3.8% for hotels and accommodation, 2.5% for basic necessities, and 0% for exports. Hospital, cultural, insurance and reinsurance services are exempt from VAT.

    Other taxes, such as the corporate equity tax, are levied at the cantonal level, which varies between 0.001% and 0.525%.


    Companies established in Switzerland


    In the case of Corporations preconstitutedThese are companies prepared for immediate use: saving time, money and the bureaucratic framework that is needed to set them up (the only thing that will need to be changed is their ownership). Acquiring a company with a certain seniority allows you to create an appearance of longevity in business and helps inspire confidence.

    Anonimous society

    Advantages of SA in Switzerland

    Protected data


    The identity of the shareholders is not available to the public.

    Unnecessary displacement

    Nor you need to scroll for its creation.

    offshore company constitution in Uruguay

    Tax advantages

    Vtax benefits, thanks to favorable international tax agreements.

    Visa and Mastercard

    EEase of transfer of shares thanks to bearer relationships.

    Choose the legal form of your company wisely from experts

    TBoth if you decide to create a new company or to acquire a pre-established one, we have at your disposal the business, legal and tax advisory service with highly qualified personnel to advise you in all the tax and tax fields related to your work activity. or business.
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