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MMany times we have considered that our savings would be better outside of Spain due to the unstable economic situation in the country. But, where to safeguard our heritage? Where to safeguard our inheritance? Or where to trust our valuables like documentation, jewelry or paintings?

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The answer is Foster Swiss

LThe answer is rent a safe in Switzerland. The country is thus conferred as one of the most prone destinations to trust and preserve our heritage. Equipped with sophisticated security systems, they are currently one of the top options for the protection of assets.

We give you the opportunity to store your belongings in Switzerland, with the maximum security and confidence of an international consultancy with extensive experience in international business. Protect your assets and assets and be advised by our team of professionals and experts.

Foster Swiss has the solution to all your legal and bureaucratic doubts so that it begins to operate in the Swiss market, always in an efficient, practical and legal way. A good consulting can save you a lot of time and money.

    The safest place in the world

    Safe deposit box rental
    on a Swiss bank

    Bank requirements

    Las security boxes They allow you to keep your belongings safe, thus avoiding theft, the deterioration of your own belongings and the risk of fire or floods. To avoid the loss of important documents, such as deeds, you need a security box. For rent a safe at a bank, only as a requirement banks demand open a bank account in said entity.

    Anyone over the age of 18 and any entity can open an offshore bank account in Switzerland. The requirements to open an account in Switzerland are few. What is mandatory is that banks or entities recognize and verify your identity (KYC or 'Know your customer') in order to open an account that you can manage from home without problem. For open an account in SwitzerlandYou do not need to travel to Switzerland. We help you do it without problem.

    EThe bank will require official identity documents, such as a valid passport or an equivalent official identification document containing a photograph, as well as proof of origin of your funds, a house sale contract, a statement from a foreign bank, a receipt sale of securities ... Foster Swiss takes care of the procedure between you and your bank, advising you at all times and always acting with legality and truthfulness ahead.

    In addition, private companies also offer companies and individuals a storage place that guarantees the protection of their goods and valuables. Both options are establishments with the latest technology and sophisticated security systems.

    I want to rent a safe in Switzerland, what should I do?

    PTo guarantee the security of the system there are two different keys that must be used at the same time to open the safe in Switzerland. One is kept by the bank and the other belongs to the client. This means that an entity representative will be there when the customer opens their safe. To make sure that the Privacy of the client is preserved, removable metal boxes are used inside the safe itself. The customer then goes to a private cabin where he can do whatever he wants with the contents of the removable box.

    These boxes are made of chrome plated tin with a bronze handle and padlock. They were created to house and transport valuables which would be kept in safes, which in turn are located inside a chamber with high security measures. All this is intended to discourage thieves or at least make it complicated.

    Most of the objects deposited by users of this banking service are currencies of gold, bullion, jewelry, bonds and stocks, contracts or official documents or even compromising letters that cannot be kept anywhere. The larger boxes can be used to store paintings or sculptures.

    Have a box inside your own safe It is very useful to protect the privacy of the client. When you open your safe you can take the box inside so you can see its contents in a room. In addition, in the event of death or technical repairs to the camera, the bank can open the safes and remove the contents through the internal boxes. To carry out this process, a notary will be called who will certify by imposing a security tape that the box is completely sealed and no one has been able to access its interior.

    The price to rent offshore safes it depends on a number of factors. The first of them is the size of the box, that is, the larger the deposit, the more we will have to pay.

    In addition, we must pay as a deposit a fee for the key and insurance in case the box is damaged. If everything is in order when the key is collected, the deposit will be returned to us.

    Which are?

    Types of safes


    There are two possibilities when it comes to enjoying this service. You can do it in a bank of switzerland or, on the other hand, in a private security company. We manage all the procedures and inform you in Spanish of how to use it and how to send the information there. All are equipped with sophisticated security systems, such as video cameras and access by fingerprint or password that only we know. In addition, we will remain completely anonymous for any bank employee, except for the directive.


    EThis type of safe is the one associated with a bank account. Banks offer this type of safety deposit boxes and they are regulated and fully regulated and must comply with admission or KYC and compliance standards.


    EThis type of safe does not depend on a bank account, but rather prestigious and solvency entities, such as security companies, offer safe deposit boxes as a method to protect assets and assets of incalculable or precious value, such as confidential documentation, works of art or other valuables.

    Know your customer

    KYC admission process


    The admission rules or KYC, 'Know your Customer' are much tougher due to agreements like FATCA (from automatic information exchange), SEPA (creation of a single euro payment area), or OECD (with a progressive end to the Banking secrecy from 207).

    Banking entities will investigate who the new and old customers are, what they do and where the funds come from, in order to avoid serious crimes of money laundering, terrorism, government corruption and other drug-related crimes, as well as guarantee that the applicable regulatory framework is complied with.

    Available in just 24 hours.

    Nur experience and knowledge of banking and the Swiss financial system allows us to advise you on choosing a safe deposit box. We offer you needs adapted to your needs and we help you to carry out this operation from Spain or from anywhere in the world. We carry out all the arrangements to rent a bank or non-bank safe in Switzerland (Zurich or Geneva). We also have boxes available in Liechtenstein. Specialized in Europe, Asia and Latin America. We speak Spanish.
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