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Foster Swiss is a Swiss international consultancy, based in Madrid, Barcelona and Geneva, with top-level offices, which provides its services to the Spanish-speaking world market. Our scope of action operates in the financial, tax and legal areas, whether for individuals or companies.

Swiss services

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We refer to confidentiality in the communications established between the lawyer and his clients. This privacy extends to all the information that the consultant receives from the client.

Swiss law provides for strong protection of confidentiality, because constitutional law in Switzerland places a high value on the protection of privacy. (Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation April 18, 1999 RS 101, article 13).

EThe Swiss High Court of Justice has emphasized professional secrecy with the intention of ensuring that clients of legal and financial services will be able to fully trust a Swiss lawyer.

Also, if the client does not trust their attorney then it will be difficult, or even impossible, for the attorney to be able to represent the client, either in counseling work or in a lawsuit. (BGE 112 Ib 606, 606-7).

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DIt is Foster Swiss, tax and financial consultants with more than 15 years of experience specialized in all kinds of international business projects, we advise you on current legal regulations and throughout the process of regularization of your assets or capital abroad, under prior evaluation of your strictly confidential case.

We can process your case before the Spanish tax authorities to find a solution always within the absolute legality. A possible solution available to our clients is the regularization of assets or capital abroad that have not yet been declared and are pending a possible requirement from the Tax Agency (AEAT).

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    Se warns users of this portal: they should be aware that the inappropriate or fraudulent use of the information on this website could be considered a crime or an indication of tax evasion in their country of origin. In this sense, those users who have their tax residence established in Spain must be up to date with their tax obligations to inform the Spanish Treasury in accordance with the regulations cited in Order HAP / 72/2013, of January 30, by the Model 720, an informative declaration on goods and rights located abroad, is approved.

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