International Private Banking Consultant, Foster Swiss

International private banking consultant

Foster Swiss is a Swiss international consultancy, based in Madrid, Barcelona and Geneva, with top-level offices, which provides its services to the Spanish-speaking world market. Our scope of action operates in the financial, tax and legal areas, whether for individuals or companies.

Opening of offshore bank accounts

We work in more than 40 jurisdictions.

Constitution of offshore companies

We create all kinds of legal forms.

International tax planning

We make all kinds of reports to optimize your taxation.

Our work

SWe are knowledgeable experts from Latin America, where most of our clients reside. Our policy of action is based on the clarity and transparency of the efforts entrusted to us and on the execution of the same in the main jurisdictions of Europe, America and Asia.

Our work is characterized by a clear fiscal, legal and operational planning oriented to the benefit of our clients, their protection and Privacy. Our presence in Switzerland makes us specialists in this country, and gives us complete proximity to the interests of our clients and represented.

Foster swiss It only trusts top-tier banking and financial institutions and collaborates with duly authorized agents for each of the services provided. Some of these entities are displayed on this page. Our staff is Spanish-speaking (as a mother tongue) and an expert with knowledge of international markets.

International Private Banking Consultant, Foster Swiss

Consulting areas

NOur clients, in banking and financial services that so require by their nature, contract directly with first-rate banking or financial entities, our actions being to advise and execute the necessary procedures. In no case, Foster Swiss is the recipient of any funds or assets.

international banking consultants

Private banking consulting

  • Offshore accounts
  • Numbered accounts
  • Anonymous cards and accounts
  • Prepaid cards
Corporate Structures

Company structures

  • Offshore companies
  • Express companies
  • Ready-made societies
  • Turnkey companies
International Tax Planning

International tax planning

  • Tax residence management
  • Protection of heritage
  • Regularization of assets abroad
  • Automatic Information Exchange (FATCA, CRS ...)
Investment vehicles

Investment vehicles

  • Investment Funds
  • Sicav
  • Unit Linked Insurance
  • FOREX licenses

100% confidentiality

Nur managements are totally confidential and secure protecting the Banking secrecy, and acting according to regulations Switzerland of work by which we are governed. All our services are provided following the strictest legality of the jurisdictions where they are provided.

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