Identification of the bank account holder

Learn more about the Privacy Statement for the validation of legal entities and bank accounts and the Financial Identification

If you are a European citizen with a bank account, your bank will require you to identify yourself as the account holder


In accordance with article 63 of the rules of application of the Financial Regulation, a privacy statement is required for the validation of legal entities and bank accounts, and a financial identification for all those who are holders of bank accounts in any of the member countries of the European Union, to fight against fraud and money laundering.

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    Privacy statement for the validation of legal entities and bank accounts


    This is a form required by the European Commission to record them in a common file and record them in the Commission's accounting system only to the extent necessary to process and record the financial and contractual relationships, direct or indirect, that it has had. or will have with the Commission.

    All users of the Commission, the European External Action Service, advisory bodies and agencies dealing with financial and accounting matters have access to your data, which can also be transmitted to the internal audit service, the Court of Auditors, to The specialized body for financial irregularities, the European Anti-Fraud Office and another institution or entity with responsibility for audits or investigations have access to your personal data.

    The data collected in the Commission's files can be consulted by the Commission's officials and staff designated for this purpose, by advisory bodies and by agencies, using a user identifier and a password. A level of confidentiality and technical and organizational security is guaranteed in accordance with the legislation on data protection.

    Modification, verification and storage of data


    If you wish to check or modify any of your personal data in exercise of your rights, you must write to the service of the institutions or the European Union agency to which you have sent said data, and who is responsible for its collection and transmission to the central archive. If you have any difficulties or questions regarding the processing of your data, you can write to the Commission's data protection officer. The recorded data can only be modified for reasons of weight, supported by documentary evidence.

    In order to allow audits or consultations on previous payments at all times, the registered data is not deleted from the accounts. The forms and documents submitted are filed electronically.

    How to complete the financial identification form?


    You must fill out the following form as financial identification of the bank account holder. There are forms for each country of the European Union in its corresponding language.
    You will have to fill in the following information:

    - Bank data: account name, IBAN / account number, currency, BIC / SWIFT code, branch code and bank name.

    - Branch address: street and number, city / town, postal code and country.

    - Account holder details (must be the same as those declared to the bank): account holder, street and number, city / town, postal code and country.

    In the final section, the bank stamp is required, plus the signature of the bank representative, as well as the signature of the account holder and the date for confirmation of the data.

    Fill in the document

    Aspects to consider

    Bank and account details


    Bank details must be those of the final bank and not those of the intermediary bank. When account name is required, it does not refer to the type of account. The account name is normally the account holder. However, the account holder could have chosen a different name for their bank account. The branch code only applies to: United States (ABA code), Australia / New Zealand (BSB code) and Canada (Transit code). Does not apply to other countries.

    IBAN code


    This international bank account number must be included if such a number exists in the country where your bank is headquartered.

    Complementary documentation


    A copy of a recent bank statement must be attached. The bank statement must confirm all the information noted above in the account name, account number / IBAN and bank name sections. If a bank statement is attached, neither a bank stamp nor the signature of a bank representative will be required. The holder's signature and date are always mandatory.

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