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n the present time and due to the economic crisis, the price of money loses more value than ever, turning into something volatile, something very changeable, which generally depreciates. A situation that forces you to look for other more profitable channels. That is why in recent years gold has been resorted to en masse as a safe investment. The buying gold in Switzerland It is one of the most affordable and safest solutions in economically unstable times.

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Buying gold or diamonds in Switzerland


oster swiss advises and accompanies you throughout the process of buying gold in Switzerland, so that you can acquire it without problem. Your returns can be over 30% if done right. Thanks to our consultants, you will be able to buy gold in Switzerland in a legal, personalized and transparent way.

We have comprehensive advisory services, as well as interbank mediation so that you can have banked gold in Switzerland. You will also have all the freedom to withdraw the money when you deem it appropriate or to transfer your gold from one bank to another.

We will act as your representative against banks and we will inform you of the facilities and advantages that the buy gold in Switzerland. And it is that this material is one of the ones with the greatest economic power at any time in the world, ensuring stability in its economic future.

    Gold purchase

    Why the gold?


    s well-known the weight of gold in the economy of humanity throughout history, gold has always been a reference value when measuring the wealth of the state and the wealthiest families. Nowadays and with the abandoned gold standard, gold has become a refuge for the investments of many considering its constant rise in price.

    It is the most valued precious metal that moves a sector of millions and millions of dollars every year. Its importance is undeniable and many see in it an insurance for the future that can lead them to earn large sums of money.

    How to buy gold in Switzerland?


    First, you must have a bank account in your name, where you will deposit the money to acquire said gold. From this account, you can buy a kilo of gold, which, depending on market variations, can be around 40.000 euros. Our company charges a small commission to help you carry out this procedure and at all times the relationship with the client has as a legal basis a contract by both parties, we as the manager in the purchase of said Swiss gold and you as the beneficiary and buyer of it. Remember, the money will always be in your possession, there is no risk.

    Once you have bought Swiss gold, you can have it in your possession or deposit it in a bank with total security. We will provide you with the certificate of deposit of said gold. A completely truthful, simple and comfortable operation where you can buy one of the most important products in the world economy.

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    Three ways to invest in gold

    Sepa also that the investment in gold It can be done in three different ways. We inform you without obligation.

    Buying physical gold

    By deposit

    Through a physical contract




    to know what buy gold in Switzerland It also serves to manage any financial product having gold as a guarantee for financial operations, in this way, you can request a line of credit or a mortgage. Which for many entrepreneurs is a tranquility, as well as an important guarantee for future economic transactions.

    The best jurisdiction

    Why in Switzerland?


    Uiza is one of the best places on the planet to buy gold. Tax conditions are among the most affordable in the world and the purchase of this precious material is usually made in cash, which Foster Swiss helps you in a testimonial way. In addition, the purchase of gold does not involve VAT in Switzerland.

    In case you didn't know, the Swiss banks They are recipients of a large quantity of this material and one of the largest holders of gold. If you are interested, you can join this group of people who believe that gold is a guarantee for years to come.

    switzerland, anonymous bank card

    Advice guaranteed

    NOur company advises you when making a purchase of banked Swiss gold. Do you know this product or don't really know what it is about? It is one of the best options for those who want to invest. It is a highly regulated process, covered by the Bank of Spain and the ECB. The purchase of this type of investment gold is exempt from VAT and its price does not stop rising. It also has a great advantage and that is that its liquidity is immediate.