We offer offshore account opening services in Belize and anonymous bank accounts with numbered debit cards in Asian, American and European jurisdictions.

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DWe offer offshore account opening services in Andorra and anonymous bank accounts with numbered debit cards in jurisdictions in Asia, America and Europe, aimed at companies, individuals and major business corporations.

100% confidentiality

PTo be able to open a Belize offshore account It is necessary to be presented to the entity through lawyers, resident agents. We, having staff resident in Belize, will be able to open your account in a short period of time, provided that the client correctly delivers all documents requested by the bank. It is therefore our preferred jurisdiction and highly recommended for entrepreneurs who start in the offshore services.

    Tax advantages for non-residents


    elice is an independent Caribbean state located between Mexico and Guatemala that became independent from the United Kingdom in 1981. Currently, Belize is considered a offshore financial center due to their tax advantages for non-residents and the absence of taxes from companies domiciled in this jurisdiction. It also provides one of the levels of Privacy higher at very competitive prices.

    Belize offshore services


    oster swiss, international and independent banking consultants, provides its clients with a complete service of offshore account opening in Andorra and in other jurisdictions, with a numbered debit card included.

    Thanks to our knowledge of international banking, we can offer these services on different continents and always in banks within the top 25 worldwide. We do not work with banks of lesser rank than the European Union and the United States.

    Is it legal to open an offshore bank account in Belize?

    EIt's perfectly legal to open a Belize offshore account and in any other offshore jurisdiction or low tax. 

    The illegality arises when the beneficiary of this account has not informed the relevant authorities of his country of origin of the opening of said offshore bank account.

    Advantages of opening an offshore bank account in Belize

    • There is no taxation for tax residents and since there are no direct taxes, local businesses bear the highest tax burden.
    • It is an ideal residence for professionals with high fortunes since they have a flexible and modern legal system specialized in wealth management, therefore, many of the banking services offered by Belizean banks are specialized in this sector and in technology.
    • They have no restrictions on the transfer of capital and the bank secrecy of that jurisdiction is known internationally.
    • The client will be able to open the offshore bank account in the currency they want, as long as it is of international legal tender (euro, American dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, Swiss franc ...).
    • The most conservative banks usually admit checking accounts to work frequently and prefer fixed-term accounts. The most flexible banks are oriented to the entrepreneur or stock investor, being able to trade shares in any stock exchange in the world in the name of the bank without the name of the client appearing in the registers, as practically occurs in most offshore jurisdictions. It is also considered as technological banking since the largest clients that this offshore jurisdiction has are for businesses directed to the Internet due to its legal flexibility and top commercial and banking secrecy.
    • A minimum account balance of 1.000 euros is required.
    • Languages ​​supported by most banks in Belize: Spanish, English and Chinese.

    Main offshore banks operating in Belize

    Why with Foster Swiss?


    Consult us your needs. We can open your bank account in Belize without requiring any type of displacement or inconvenience on your part. Furthermore, we provide bank accounts for e-commerce and forex, solving account opening in Asia, America and Europe.  

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