Companies have the option of being limited by shares or collateral or both.

Incorporation of an offshore company in Anguilla

Country analysis: legal structures

Everything you need to know to set up an operating company with a bank account.

1. Legal forms

Eel Trading Company (ABC)

This type of company can be used both within the Country and as an Offshore Vehicle. The governing law is the new Companies Ordinance.

It can be incorporated with an incorporator and also have a director.

Companies have the option of being limited by shares or collateral or both.

Certain private companies have been granted an exemption from accounting and record keeping requirements.

These companies have the option of operating within or outside of Anguilla.

International Commercial Society

It is considered to be the conventional type of company and easy to incorporate compared to the former.

It is also flexible and cost-effective in nature.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The Limited Liability Company is structured to possess certain characteristics that can be treated as a company that also has Corporate Characteristics.

The amazing feature of such LLCs is that they provide their members with limited liability and income and loss advantages can pass through to their members. It is a partnership made through an LLC agreement.

Anguilla LLCs cannot conduct business activities such as trusts, banking, insurance brokerage, reinsurance, and insurance management, as these activities are restricted to banks, insurance companies, and trusts that specialize in providing these types of services.

Foreign-based Anguilla LLCs are exempt from corporate taxes, withholding taxes, income taxes, and other similar taxes that are collected by measuring accumulated assets and funds from businesses conducted outside of Anguilla. Anguilla LLC's that have bank accounts, maintain financial and management or administrative reports in Anguilla with respect to business conducted outside of Anguilla are not considered local businesses.

The Anguilla Trust

General Trust Company Licenses are not granted to International Business Companies (IBCs). This type of license allows the licensee to conduct fiduciary and subsidiary business. To establish a trust, a minimum paid-up capital of USD 25 is required and licensees any change in ownership or director must be approved by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Trust companies with restricted trust licenses can only offer trust services on behalf of the persons indicated in the license application. Any changes made to the application must be submitted to the competent authority. Trusts with restricted licenses do not have minimum capital requirements. The share capital to be issued will be set by the FSC based on the case presented by the application.

Anguilla offshore trusts must be registered through a registered trust provider. Trusted service providers must have two authorized agents and a main office. Each authorized agent must reside in Anguilla and agree in writing to act as an authorized agent.


Lo An Anguilla resident Director is required. Holding companies are available in Anguilla.


Foster Swiss helps our Clients secure offices or we provide an office address. Most emerging markets require our Clients to have a 12-month office lease before company registration is approved.

We help our Clients overcome this challenge in the following ways:

Virtual office service

DDepending on the country and city, the rates range from US $ 900 to US $ 2000 and the annual active virtual office services range from US $ 1500 to US $ 4000).

Shared office space

LThe one-time fee is US $ 850. Thereafter, our Client pays the monthly rent directly to the owner).

Permanent office space

D Depending on the country and the city, the rates range from US $ 5.000 to US $ 8.000).

What type of private banking exists in Anguilla?

International Banking
Local banking

Central bank security ⭐⭐⭐

The international and digital banks They're available.


Real bank operations: 90%.

Visa type: EC $, €, $.

Joint accounts.

Remote management account: To consult.

Asset management Depending on the rating of the company.

Rates: It depends on the type of account.

Credit / debit cards in local currency

Why with Foster Swiss?

Foster Swiss is an international company registered in Switzerland aimed at providing financial and compliance advice on a variety of topics related to company formation
and commercial banking internationally. We are specialized in the implementation of businesses in different jurisdictions, which means that we offer value-added services helping our clients in their expansion abroad.

Some of these services include:
Advice and consultancy,
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accommodation if necessary… to name a few.
Check with your assigned consultant for more information.

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