The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, located between Jamaica, Cuba and Honduras, in the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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Las Islas Caimán, are a British overseas territory, located between Jamaica, Cuba and Honduras, in the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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    More than 210 offshore banks


    considered a tax haven by the OECDIs a ideal destination for non-residents, being a offshore jurisdiction and offer tax and legislative advantages for both individuals and companies.

    It occupies an outstanding position in the tax havens ranking, thanks to an advantageous tax system, becoming one of the 10 largest financial centers in the world, with more than 11.296 funds registered in the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and being one of the most outstanding industries in the country.

    Currently, more than 210 offshore banks licensed, a fact that indicates the importance of jurisdiction in international finance and its position as one of the main financial centers. They offer a wide range of banking products for non-resident customers.

    Is it legal to have an offshore company in the Cayman Islands?


    make a offshore company in Cayman Islands it is absolutely legal. Illegality arises when the owner of this company does not fulfill his tax obligations in his country of origin and does not declare the assets he has abroad. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

    The process of creating a company in Cayman Islands requires the work of professionals in the field and proper advice so as not to fall into irregularities. With Foster Swiss, international and independent financial consultants, you can set up your offshore company with a bank account from the comfort of your home, thanks to our constitution of offshore companies at a distance, with which you will not have to worry about a thing.

    Advantages of incorporating a company in the Cayman Islands

    • One of the 10 largest financial centers in the world and leader in international private banking services and creation of offshore corporate structures.
    • Special taxation. Exemption from corporation and / or profit taxes, fortune, VAT, dividends and capital gains during the first 20 years.
    • El banking sector of the Islands is highly regulated and strict, with one of the safest and most affordable banks for both the small investor or businessman. Characterized by its sophistication, it has an excellent telecommunications and communications network.
    •  Legislation flexibility and great speed and security provided by the jurisdiction.
    • Cayman has assumed a prominent position in the hemisphere as the safer place to carry out banking operations and business. There has been no bank failure.
    • Privacy and anonymity. The law recognizes as an offense any disclosure of official information related to the company and its beneficiary, except for the information requested by a court order on the criminal activities of the company. This guarantees the protection of your data.
    • They do not have agreements to avoid double taxation with no country, which means that the owners of bank accounts and commercial companies are safe from the tax authorities of their respective countries.
    • To place maximum against tax evasion and fraud, Cayman Islands has signed several international conventions and an information exchange agreement with United States..

    What type of private banking exists in the Cayman Islands?