The Bahamas is an independent state located in the Atlantic Ocean, northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands, with an economy based on tourism and offshore services.

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Offshore companies

Bahamas is an independent state located in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cuba, northwest of the Turks and Caicos Islands and east of the Florida peninsula, with an economy based on tourism and offshore services.

Why with Foster Swiss?

It is Foster Swiss we are international financial and tax consultants with extensive experience in the sector. We facilitate the creation of offshore companies and the opening of bank accounts in the country. All procedures are carried out from Spain, in this way, our clients do not have the need to travel to the country, making all operations easier for them.

    The main tax haven of the Caribbean


    e is a very stable and remarkably well-known jurisdiction. The Bahamas stands out in the first place for its important and consolidated financial and banking sector, even having its own stock market. The country is considered the second largest financial place in the Caribbean, second only to the Cayman Islands.

    The Bahamas has become a major destination for many investors and entrepreneurs seeking a financial structure to create international trade companies and do business without paying taxes for 20 years.

    We manage the incorporation of the company and the opening of the bank account that best suits your needs in the Bahamas and in more than 40 jurisdictions on five continents.

    Is it legal to form an offshore company in the Bahamas?


    Constitute a offshore company in Bahamas it is absolutely legal. Illegality arises when the owner of this company does not fulfill his tax obligations in his country of origin and does not declare the assets he has abroad. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

    The process of creating a company in Bahamas requires the work of professionals in the field and proper advice so as not to fall into irregularities. With Foster Swiss, international and independent financial consultants, you can set up your offshore company with a bank account from the comfort of your home, thanks to our constitution of offshore companies at a distance, with which you will not have to worry about a thing.

    Offshore companies

    Why have an offshore company in the Bahamas?

    Protection of operations


    Protection of operations, transactions and clients thanks to a solid bank secret, protected by law.

    Developed financial sector

    Ehe Bahamian financial sector accounts for more than 20% of GDP and has a wide variety of non-Bahamian international banks.

    Online offshore banking

    En this tax haven, non-residents can enjoy a wide range of offshore banking services through the internet, and also create companies and open bank accounts.

    Tax advantages

    AAbsence of taxes on profits and capital returns for companies and investors not resident in Bahamas.

    Banks providing accounts to Bahamas offshore companies