With one of the main financial centers in Europe, it has become a very suitable jurisdiction to carry out business related to international trade and commerce.

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Offshore companies

Chipre is an island strategically located in the Mediterranean and belonging to the European Union since 2004. With one of the main financial centers in Europe, it has become a very appropriate jurisdiction to carry out business related to international trade and commerce due to their flexibility and professionalism of their corporate and banking services

Why with Foster Swiss?

It is Foster Swiss we are international financial and tax consultants with extensive experience in the sector. We facilitate the creation of offshore companies and the opening of bank accounts in the country. All procedures are carried out from Spain, in this way, our clients do not have the need to travel to the country, making all operations easier for them.

    High tax incentives


    The main reason for Incorporate a company in Cyprus is that it has tax incentives: it provides companies with the means to reduce taxes, while they can obtain a number of IVA Valid to operate in any EU country. The tax rates of companies registered in Cyprus are 10% while the European average is around 30%. No dividend taxes are withheld nor are there capital gains taxes.

    We manage the constitution of the company and the opening of the bank account that best suits your needs in Cyprus and in more than 40 jurisdictions on the five continents.

    Is it legal to form an offshore company in Cyprus?


    Constitute a offshore company in cyprus it is legal. Illegality arises when the owner of this company does not fulfill his tax obligations in his country of residence and does not declare the assets he has abroad. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

    The process of creating a company in Cyprus requires the work of professionals and adequate advice to avoid falling into irregularities. With Foster Swiss, international and independent financial consultants, may constitute your offshore company with a bank account from the comfort of your home, thanks to our constitution of offshore companies from distance.

    Offhore companies

    Reasons for incorporating a company in Cyprus

    Bank accounts


    e can hold freely transferable bank accounts, in any currency, in Cyprus or in another country and without exchange control restrictions.

    No blacklist

    Se is considered a tax haven by many European laws although it does not belong to any blacklist of any organization, type OECD or of any country.

    Special status in the EU

    Chipre has a special status within the Union. It is part of it and has adopted the euro since 2008. It thus has economic and political stability supported by its membership in the EU.

    International tax planning

    LThe existence of double taxation treaties with many countries, including Russia and others from the former Eastern Bloc, combined with the low taxes paid by companies offer enormous possibilities for international tax planning.

    Banks providing accounts to offshore companies in Cyprus

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