Thanks to its beneficial Bank Secrecy Act, the United States has become the main destination for Swiss banks, entrepreneurs and investors from around the world,

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Guaranteed bank secrecy


thanks to its beneficial law of Bank Secrecy or Bank Secrecy Act, The United States has become the main destination of Swiss banks, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world, who have moved to states such as Wyoming or Nevada, among others, in search of the ideal refuge in which to launder money and Evade taxes. A very common practice is to do it through a offshore company in DelawareHowever, these can be used legally to diversify assets and pay less taxes.

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    United States law that requires the world to give you information


    ATCA, is the acronym for Foreign Account Tax Act, a US measure, aimed at collecting taxes by governments and forcing banks to identify those customers who are North American. A law that is worth to punish banks around the world that do not comply with it and to encourage Banking secrecy evasiΓ³n de impuestos and lavado de dinero to attract capital from non-resident citizens, not required to comply with FATCA.

    A profit opportunity for the entire offshore sector. From London lawyers to swiss trust have seen the occasion to help the richest to move their accounts and assets from the traditional paraΓ­sos fiscalesAs Bahamas Islands o BVI, to states like Delaware, Reno or South Dakota.

    Puerto Rico, the new offshore center for bank secrecy


    he case of Puerto Rico and its Law of Banking secrecy it is very particular. As a free state associated with the United States, it has the Bank Secrecy Act, a full-fledged Bank Secrecy law for anyone who is not a US citizen, so it attracts Europeans, Asians and Latin Americans. This has helped Puerto Rico to be included in the majority of blacklists of tax havens and non-cooperating territories. However, this Caribbean jurisdiction, which could unseat Panama, could become a new offshore center and important refuge of capital.

    A different situation from that of a North American citizen, who due to FATCA cannot do business anywhere in the world without the IRS, the United States Treasury follow in their footsteps. If banks with resident customers try to break the law by hiding their money, harsh penalties are at stake. The most illustrative cases: Banco Madrid, ICBC or HSBC.

    Why doesn't an offshore company in Delaware pay taxes?


    l as with the Beckham Law of Spain, Or the Portugal Gold Visa, in the United States one can benefit from Green Card or Green Card of permanent residence in the country, which allows living and working in the United States. It is a strategy used to avoid paying taxes.

    The Delaware General Corporation Law, is the General Law of companies that regulates the companies incorporated in this state. This is legislation that provides tax exempt status to the offshore company in Delaware (without activity in the United States).

    Therefore, it is considered one of the most favorable legal systems in the United States for companies, which is why 60% of the companies listed on the NASDAQ or on the IBEX 35 are incorporated in its capital, Wilmington.

    Legislation so lax that it is used in many cases for the money concealment, since the owners of these companies do not declare their taxes in their country of origin.

    How does offshore money get to the United States?


    Boston Consulting Group, estimates that the global offshore capital flow in 2012 was 6.209.000 million euros, 6.1% more than in 2011. It highlights that only in the United States, values ​​of 511.000 million dollars were registered, ahead from other well-known tax havens such as Luxembourg, Monaco or United Arab Emirates, due to the incorporation of offshore companies in Delaware.

    It is estimated that currently this figure has risen to 800 million dollars in the paraΓ­sos fiscales Americans and that almost half comes from Latin America.

    Origin of offshore wealth
    Western Europe1.972.000 €
    Asia and the Pacific1.534.000€
    Middle East and Africa1.169.000€
    Latin America730.000€
    Destination of offshore wealth
    Hong Kong and Singapore877.000€
    Channel Islands and Dublin804.000€
    Panama and the Caribbean804.000

    What type of private banking exists in Delaware?


    The world's traditional and best-rated European banks are moving to the United States, leaving behind major financial centers such as Geneva, Zurich and even London, pressured by OECD international standards for the banking information exchange and what has end of bank secrecy in half the world.

    In addition to banks and wealth managers, independent wealth managers such as Lugano Financial Advisors, Capitalia, Marcuard Family Office, Quanta Finance or Swisspartners Advisors.

    This type of banks, specialized in international private banking, offer a professional and confidential, multilingual service, aimed at large capitals that want to manage and protect their assets, through Wealth Management and even through interfaces for the sale and purchase of assets.

    Although it is not easy to access a anonymous bank card Debit (prepaid) banks, such as Artisan's Bank, a well-known Delaware-based bank, offer this type of benefit.

    Fiduciary services in Delaware


    The United States has regulations full of legal loopholes, under which the trusts o trusts to protect the true owner of a company through fiduciary services. They can avoid third-party scrutiny as long as the owner designates a US trustee and a foreign "protector" to direct it.

    Trust services mainly include a basic service of providing independent directors, members of management, general partners and trustees to investment funds, private companies and structured finance vehicles established in various paraΓ­sos fiscales: The Islas CaimΓ‘n, British Virgin Islands, DubaiDelaware Hong KongLuxembourg Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Singapore and the USA (including Delaware).

    As well as a range of complementary services that include: incorporation of offshore company in Delaware, and other corporate services, settlement services, account preparation, support services to the secretary and board of directors of the company and proxy agent.

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