It is located in Oceania, formed by two large islands: the North Island and the South Island, along with many other smaller islands

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New Zealand is a country located in Oceania, made up of two large islands: the North Island and the South Island, along with many other smaller islands, such as Stewart Island and Chatham Islands. Includes the Cook Islands and Niue.

Why with Foster Swiss?

There are many reasons to put yourself in the hands of a consulting firm with a long history and Swiss tradition that will help you manage your assets efficiently.

  • We are independent international private banking consultants offering high flexibility.
  • We have a long history and Explore professional that endorse us as financial specialists.
  • We carry out all our procedures from our offices in Madrid and Geneva.
  • We offer bilingual attention (Spanish and English) personalized and tailored to each client.
  • 100% discretion and confidentiality assured.

    The legislation that best protects the world's assets


    It is considered by many investors and business people like the country with the best foreign legislation by providing structures asset protection and beneficial tax regimes for non-residents.

    Not found anywhere black list from any jurisdiction and is not recognized as a tax haven. He is a permanent member of the OECD, from the Financial Action Task Force and the WTO.

    Our team manages the constitution of the company and the opening of the bank account that best suits your needs in NZ as well as in more than 40 jurisdictions on the five continents.

    Is it legal to have an offshore company in New Zealand?


    make a offshore company in New Zealand it is absolutely legal. Illegality arises when the owner of this company does not fulfill his tax obligations in his country of origin and does not declare the assets he has abroad. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

    The process of creating a company in New Zealand requires the work of professionals in the field and proper advice so as not to fall into irregularities. With Foster Swiss, international and independent financial consultants, you can set up your offshore company with a bank account from the comfort of your home, thanks to our constitution of offshore companies at a distance, with which you will not have to worry about a thing.

    Why incorporate in New Zealand?


    as New Zealand offshore companies They can offer you, among others, the following advantages:

    • New Zealand is considered one of the most stable democracies in the world. Government corruption levels and crime rates are among the lowest in the international community.
    • Thanks to the combination of economic stability and excellent international reputation, New Zealand is an ideal country to establish companies that facilitate commercial exchange and the protection of capital.
    • The territory has converged as one of the best and most complete systems for protecting assets and reducing tax rates for foreign investment, while at the same time staying away from conflicts related to tax havens before the OECD member countries.
    • It is considered by many to be the Switzerland of the South Pacific, as it combines high levels of security and confidential services at competitive prices. It has a credible banking industry guaranteed by the local government and a highly professional and regulated sector dedicated to trusts.
    • New Zealand entities, companies and trusts are totally exempt from taxes when they are owned by non-residents established by themselves as long as they are not used to carry out financial activities in the country. With these structures you will be able to exchange, invest, own assets, buy and sell property and shares without paying taxes in New Zealand.
    • It is a safe and ideal destination for the family. Many foreign residents choose New Zealand as a good destination abroad. The reason is that it offers an excellent lifestyle and good education for their families. Student visas are relatively easy to acquire and family members can reside in New Zealand while their children study within the guardianship visa or immigration scheme.
    • In New Zealand, the importance of foreign investment and immigration is recognized in part because the government has increased facilities for obtaining residence and citizenship by investing in companies in the territory. In addition, there is a relaxed and safe environment for those who have capital and want to establish a business in the jurisdiction.

    What type of private banking exists in New Zealand?

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