You have to bear in mind that most Canadian provinces have residency restrictions when incorporating companies for non-residents in Canada.

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l incorporate a offshore company in Canada, it is important to determine the province where your corporation will operate. You can choose to federally incorporate into one of the 13 provinces that make up the country. It should be noted that most Canadian provinces have residence restrictions when incorporating companies for non-residents in Canada.

Do you need an offshore company in British Columbia?

Our firm specializes in the formation of Canadian companies for use in international tax planning strategies. Our services include all the necessary elements to constitute your offshore company in British Columbia and maximize your success by creating a credible image of your company that will avoid the scrutiny of the tax authorities. Discover also our offshore company in New Brunswick

We are specialized in creating offshore companies in Canada for strategies international tax planning. We have helped hundreds of foreign companies save on taxes thanks to these companies with which you can significantly increase your income.

We manage the constitution of offshore company and the opening of the offshore account that best suits your needs in Canada. Services available in more than 40 jurisdictions on the five continents.

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    It is Foster Swiss, international and independent consultants of private banking, specialized in the constitution of offshore companies and opening of offshore bank accounts, we offer this service of constitution of offshore company in Canada in those provinces that do not have residence restrictions, such as: British Columbia and New Brunswick.

    Companies that offshore companies Incorporated in any of these two provinces of Canada, they can carry out operations, transactions and businesses for other provinces of the country. If you want to register a branch of your company, this registration is available in any Canadian province, and you would not need to have a Canadian resident director to do so.

    Offshore company in British Columbia, the best option


    The British Columbia offshore company is a highly prestigious type of company in Canada. No restrictions on the residence of directors, employees and shareholders. Availability of one-person societyl. It is a single member who is a shareholder, director, president, secretary and treasurer of the company. No required minimum capital corporate. There are no restrictions on the issued capital, you can issue any number of shares, without par value. Advantageous tax regime. There is no withholding tax on the fees and salaries of directors, officers, and nonresident employees when they work outside of Canada. The corporation pays the corporation tax on the net profit. All business expenses are deducted before taxes.

    Why use offshore companies in British Columbia?

    • Ideal offshore companies to serve clients located in Canada, the United States, the European Union and other highly regulated jurisdictions.
    • To conduct business in all highly regulated jurisdictions, where commercial transactions with offshore companies are restricted or prohibited.
    • For the purchase of property and / or businesses in Canada.
    • For planning commercial immigration to Canada.

    British Columbia Offshore Company Requirements

    • A minimum of one shareholder and / or officer is required.
    • There are no restrictions on the authorized or issued capital. Shares are normally issued at no par value, and some of Canada's provinces have a share issue tax.
    • Government licensing fees, other than incorporation fees, depend on your specific line of business and jurisdiction of operation. Some provinces have municipal business licensing requirements, and certain regulated industries require provincial or federal licenses as well.
    Types of offshore companies

    Offshore Companies in British Columbia


    The Companies Law may incorporate any of the following types of three companies:

    Limited Liability Company for Shares

    Limited Company by Guarantee

    Unlimited Liability Company


    he first type of company is the one that has the basic characteristics of limited liability companies and corporations. If you want to incorporate one of the other two types of companies, please contact our team of experts. They will offer you personalized advice to determine if you need this type of partnership.

    Tax situation in Canada


    British Columbia has one of the most competitive tax climates in North America for businesses. Personal tax rates are also competitive. The effective corporate tax rate for many industries is significantly lower than in other West Coast jurisdictions. In the digital media sector, for example, the rate for this tax in British Columbia is 11.8%. Some similar businesses on the west coast of the United States typically pay more than 30%. In addition, British Columbia's overall corporate income tax rate is 11%, among the lowest in Canada. The combined federal-provincial rate of is 26%, among the lowest in the G7 countries.

    Provincial Corporation Tax in British Columbia

    Generally, active business income is income earned by a corporation other than an investment or personal services business. On the first $ 500.000 of business income, British Columbia charges business taxes of only 2.5%. Since 2002, this $ 500.000 threshold has increased 150%, allowing companies to pay less tax on a larger amount of income. British Columbia has the lowest provincial personal income taxes in Canada for taxpayers earning up to $ 121.000.

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    International Business Activity Program - International Business Activity


    he program International Business Activity (IBA) provides eligible corporations and specialists working for those companies with an income tax refund paid on income related to the company's international business conducted in British Columbia. An eligible corporation must register, as well as the specialists it employs to qualify for the IBA reimbursement program.


    To participate in the PInternational Business Program (IBA), the offshore company must meet certain requirements and must conduct an international business in British Columbia. An international business includes the following types of business: international financial business, international film distribution business, international patent business. Each type of international business has specific eligibility requirements. The government has proposed expanding the definition of international business to include the following types of business: international distribution of digital business media, international carbon trading and certification, and international clean technology business.

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