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Turkey is no longer on the FATF list of countries ...

LLCs need at least two directors. ...

Suriname resident director is not required. ...

Holding companies are available in Spain.…

There is no capital gains tax or stamp duty ...

Corporation tax applies to 17% for all companies ...

A registered office address with a local registered agent is required. ...

Nevis is off the FATF black and gray lists ...
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Offshore companies

LEntrepreneurs increasingly resort to constitution of offshore companies. In a world as globalized as ours, where communications make commercial operations easier and countries' economic policies make it increasingly attractive to heritage protection in countries that provide investor security as well as real possibilities for internationalization of companies, extend its borders and maximize profits and take advantage of all the opportunities offered by global companies. 

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Our company is made up of international private banking professionals who faithfully respect Swiss bank secrecy legislation. You can put yourself in the hands of professionals who will ensure your absolute confidentiality.

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    What is an offshore company?

    Las offshore companies They are companies that are characterized by being registered in a country or territory, normally a tax haven, in which they do not carry out any economic or commercial activity. They are also called non-resident companies. They are controlled by foreign companies or individuals who carry out their business in other parts of the world and only use these jurisdictions as the legal domicile of the company.

    They benefit from very favorable legal and tax regulations. The best known are the tax advantages. The offshore companies They are not only exempt from corporation tax, but also from other taxes, such as VAT, the tax on economic activities, the inheritance and transfer tax, on wealth, on the income of individuals and on vehicles.

    Before undertaking an internationalization project of a company or constitution of an offshore company It is necessary to put yourself in the hands of professionals due to the complexity and constant change in international legislation, such as Foster Swiss, an independent quality banking consultant. They will make an exhaustive and detailed study of your case to present you the best business opportunities.

    Where to form an offshore company?

    AWhen choosing a jurisdiction to form an offshore company, important parameters must be taken into account. It is important to value the communications of the country in particular, as well as economic stability is vital. The country's reputation is an essential aspect to consider and, in addition, the existence of corporate laws favorable to investment, that is, that governments do not get in the way, that there is carte blanche to operate internationally.

    Delaware, one of the 50 states that make up the United States of America, is the main favorite offshore territory for Ibex companies. There are located more than 200 companies owned by Spanish groups, such as Iberdrola, ACS, Santander and BBVA. After Delaware, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands and Singapore are other territories preferred by the big ones of the Spanish index.

    Minimum requirements to be able to incorporate

    How to form an offshore company?

    DIn this way, it could constitute a offshore company in Panama for your online store in Spain. From Spain he runs his business, but all the procedures and paperwork are carried out from the Panamanian society.

    The offshore company must be registered within the country in question.

    The founders of the company must have their domicile outside the territory in which the company is registered.

    The company must have most of its business in the territory in which it is registered.

    Legal disclaimer

    Incorporating an offshore company or opening a bank account in a foreign bank is legal, as long as you do not engage in criminal activities and pay the corresponding taxes in your country of residence or origin.

    The legality of these structures is based on the principle of "tax avoidance", that is, taking advantage of all legal resources to pay less taxes. Not to be confused with evasion. Evasion is illegal behavior by a natural or legal person to avoid paying taxes, such as money laundering, hiding information, declaring false information, etc.

    Tax avoidance can be accomplished by legal means, such as through tax planning and as long as existing laws and treaties are followed. A legal way to reduce taxes and create more efficient and optimal tax strategies. Correct tax planning is necessary to avoid legal and tax repercussions. You should not opt ​​for the cheapest option, this way, you will avoid obstacles and endless procedures. Reduce your business costs and minimize the tax burden as much as possible. Keep in mind that you must notify local tax authorities of both the constitution of a company and the opening of a bank account.

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    Tax planning and offshore companies

    Pay less taxes

    with offshore companies

    Una offshore company It is an excellent vehicle for international tax planning, that is, tax avoidance in a legal and structured way to pay less taxes. A correct and efficient tax planning not done in paraísos fiscales, but in financial centers with favorable tax environments, such as offshore territories us double taxation agreements.

    The offshore world is a symbol of Privacy and protection, you can optimize your taxes and have effective protection for your needs and demands. There are different types of offshore centers divided into three categories. This is very important to know before determining what is the most suitable tax planning for the company or individual.

    These centers provide a low or no tax of all or almost all taxes, as well as benefit from an extensive network of double taxation treaties. Or access many facilities in financial regulation or enjoy the Banking secrecy or anonymity.

    It is important to make clear that having a offshore bank account or make one international tax planning To reduce the tax burden is not illegal, we are not talking about tax evasion, but to follow the legal regulations of each jurisdiction at all times so as not to have surprises.


    Low tax pressure

    LOffshore companies enjoy special taxation. In most territories and offshore jurisdictions they are exempt from the following taxes: from corporation tax, from taxes on profits and dividends, on inheritance and on economic activities.

    Most of the countries in which this type of company can be incorporated have double taxation treaties. In this way, a company that conducts business in the United States through an offshore company in Cyprus, that is, without a fixed place of business in American territory, the company will pay nothing or almost no taxes on its income in USA, through this double tax treaty between Cyprus and the United States. In this way, the tax generated by the Cypriot company could be taken out of the United States tax-free since it is not a resident.

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    Offshore companies for e-commerce businesses

    The offshore company is an ideal vehicle for E-commerce or electronic commerce, thus presenting an effective and simple solution, adjusting to your needs and being able to enjoy tax benefits real.

    You can diversify the risk, that is, minimize taxes, maximize profits and protect your business. Although you have more freedom of movement, you have responsibilities to fulfill, such as guaranteeing complete information on the website and payment facilities.

    Through offshore companies installed in low tax jurisdictions, you will be able to manage your business and carry out supply tasks and other operations, such as payment transfers, support and web maintenance, thus saving considerable expenses.

    Information is power

    SIf you want to know more about the main tax havens in the world, feel free to visit The daily offshore news, our news portal related to the latest news on tax havens.
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