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DWe have anonymous bank account opening services with numbered debit cards in Asia, America and Europe for companies, individuals and corporate corporations.

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hen you decide to open a bank account in a Hong Kong entity, it is important to know the approximate amount of money that will be deposited into the account. Our team of professionals will conduct a study of its characteristics in order to offer you the bank that best suits your needs.

    Special region within China


    NGO Kong It is located on the southeast coast of China and is made up of a large number of islands and a part of the mainland, with a total extension of 1064 square kilometers. On July 1, 1997, the British government returned control of all of Hong Kong to China, and Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

    High solvency of banks and bank secrecy


    Honk Kong is the best financial center of asia and it has been classified as one of the best financial centers in the world. The offshore banks in hong kong They are among the most solvent in the world, mainly due to commercial exchanges between the United States, Europe and Japan with China, since most of the transactions are carried out in this country due to the tax savings they have between companies.

    Most Chinese entrepreneurs use Hong Kong based offshore structures and banks are characterized by their solvency and high Banking secrecy.

    Is it legal to open an offshore bank account in Hong Kong?


    We must emphasize that it is perfectly legal to open a Hong Kong offshore bank accountas well as any offshore jurisdiction or low tax. Illegality arises when the beneficiary of these offshore accounts

    You have not informed the administrative and tax authorities of your country of origin of the opening of said bank account.

    We must bear in mind that one of the main characteristics of offshore jurisdictions is the Privacy and the non-disclosure of tax information of its clients.

    Banking services

    Features of Hong Kong offshore banking

    En many times it is much more profitable to make investments in the country that we do not reside since in the country of residence we pay high taxes. These are the main characteristics that the offshore bank accounts in Hong Kong.

    Minimum account balance of HK $ 30.000


     The minimum bank account balance required by banks in Hong Kong can be as low as HK $ 30.000 and the monthly service fee is just HK $ 100 for the balance below the minimum account balance.

    Multilingual attention in the following languages

    IEnglish, German, French and Chinese.

    Multi-currency accounts


    The client will be able to open the bank account in the currency they want, provided it is of an international legal tender (Euro, American Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, etc.)

    Unnecessary displacement


    uring the process of opening the bank account, you will not need a physical presence in the country, all procedures will be done through E-mail and / or certified mail.

    Advantages of opening an offshore bank account in Hong Kong


    Hong Kong banks can offer you, among others, the following advantages:

    • Hong Kong banking industry it's very solid with the presence of the main international banks such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank
    • Banking secrecy The identity of the account holder and the transaction information is subject to a very high level of confidentiality.
    • Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic economies in the world driven by free trade principles and free market, without exchange controls.
    • There is no restriction on international capital transfer, including the transfer of profits or dividends to the country of origin.
    • As of July 2009, banks in Hong Kong are authorized to handle liquid money in the chinese currency: RMB (Yuan) very useful in cross-border trade with mainland China.
    • Great political and economic stability since if there were some kind of problem in the country, there would be a considerable capital flight and this does not interest any offshore jurisdiction.

    Main offshore banks operating in Hong Kong

    Why with Foster Swiss?


    oster swiss, an independent and international banking consultancy, has opening services for Hong Kong offshore accountAnd also anonymous numbered accounts, with debit cards in different continents, such as: Asia, America and Europe and always in the main banks worldwide, such as the European Union and the United States. Offshore accounts aimed at companies, individuals and major business corporations.

    They also provide offshore bank accounts for electronic commerce or e-commerce and the forex industry, solving the opening of offshore bank accounts on these continents.

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