We have services for opening offshore accounts in Cyprus and anonymous bank accounts with numbered debit cards.

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Offshore accounts

DWe have offshore account opening services in Cyprus and anonymous bank accounts with numbered debit cards in Asia, America and Europe, aimed at companies, individuals and major corporations.

100% confidentiality


If you are looking for a private bank account in the European Union that is safe, anonymous and with a lower cost in the maintenance of your offshore bank account, both for you and your company, we recommend Cyprus.

    Special status within the European Union


    Hipre has a special status within the European Union and is considered a tax haven by many European laws. The advantage of Cyprus It lies in the fact that it is part of the European Union and the official currency is the euro, which it adopted on January 1, 2008. The tax rates of companies registered in Cyprus are 10%, while the European average is around 30%. Therefore, this is the main tax advantage of Cyprus that provides companies with the necessary means to reduce taxes while obtaining a valid European VAT number to operate in any EU country.

    Banking secrecy


    hipre has very strict laws on Banking secrecy and it has been the preferred jurisdiction to possess anonymous bank accounts both personal and for companies. The less known the bank, the more privacy the customer and the company can enjoy, experts warn that in order to increase the level of Privacy and bank secrecy it is advisable to change currency in different banks and work with banks that are not very well known, as this would considerably increase the privacy and security of the client.

    Is it legal to open an offshore bank account in Cyprus?

    Opening an offshore account in Cyprus or in any other offshore or low tax jurisdiction is absolutely legal. The illegality is that the beneficiary of this account has not informed the authorities of his country of origin of the opening of said offshore bank account.

    We must bear in mind that one of the main characteristics of the offshore jurisdictions is Privacy and the non-disclosure of the tax information of its clients.

    Advantages of opening an offshore bank account in Cyprus


    Some characteristics of Cypriot banks are as follows

    • Lower maintenance cost in current and fixed-term accounts compared to other jurisdictions such as Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
    • Minimum account balance: 100 euros (depending on the chosen bank).
    • Customer service in the following languages: English, Russian and Greek.
    • The client will be able to open the bank account in the currency that he wishes, as long as it is of international legal tender (euro, American dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, etc.).
    • During the process of opening the bank account, you will not need a physical presence in the country, all procedures will be done through e-mail and / or certified mail.

    Main offshore banks operating in Cyprus

    Why with Foster Swiss?


    Assured success. Ask us about your needs. We can open your offshore account in Cyprus without requiring any type of displacement or inconvenience on your part. We always operate in banks within the top 25 worldwide, with a range of no less than the European Union and the United States. We provide offshore bank accounts for electronic commerce and forex, solving account openings in Asia, America and Europe.