All the offshore bank accounts and anonymous bank accounts that we offer have numbered debit cards.

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Offshore accounts

DWe have offshore account opening services in Mauritius and anonymous bank accounts with numbered debit cards in Asia, America and Europe. These are aimed at companies, individuals and major corporations.

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when you decide open an offshore bank account In a UK entity it is important to know the approximate amount of money that will be deposited in the account since each bank has different policies and different opening balances, and minimum balances to be kept in account.

We will carry out a study of its characteristics in order to offer you the bank that best suits your needs.

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    Foster Swiss, as international banking consultants and independent private banks, we have offshore account opening in UK and in other offshore jurisdictions in Asia, America and Europe. All offshore bank accounts y anonymous bank accounts they have numbered debit cards. It is a service aimed at companies, individuals and major corporations.

    Thanks to our knowledge of international banking, we can offer these services on different continents and always in banks within the main ones worldwide. We do not work with banking entities below the European Union and the United States. In addition, we can provide offshore bank accounts for e-commerce and forex industry sectors.

    Great utility of UK offshore accounts


    make a offshore account in UK without a physical presence in the country is a very difficult task. However, thanks to our relationship with the main banks of United Kingdom we can help you open an offshore bank account quickly and easily.

    HR offshore bank accounts in UK They can be used by companies resident in the country and by companies that are not residents. It is also widely used by individuals who are going to develop electronic commerce activities and want to expand their market in the European Union.

    Is it legal to open an offshore bank account in the UK?


    We must emphasize that it is perfectly legal to open a offshore account in UK or in another offshore jurisdiction or low tax

    The illegality arises when the beneficiary of this account has not informed the authorities of his country of residence of the opening of the offshore bank account.

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    Top reasons to have an offshore bank account in the UK

    International business activities investment diversification.


    n many times it is much more profitable to make investments in the country that does not reside since in the country of residence you will pay high taxes.

    Tax savings

    LIt is best to invest with your company from abroad since doing it yourself with a company in your country of residence will pay taxes for a series of taxes that do not exist in offshore jurisdictions.

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    Protection of assets and search for security and privacy

    En occasions life can play a trick on you: divorces, lawsuits, civil liability, threat of jail ... You must have everything planned and by setting up offshore companies, foundations, and opening offshore bank accounts you could minimize these everyday problems.

    Advantages of opening an offshore bank account in the UK


    Mainly the advantages offered by the United Kingdom are:

    • It is a country that provides financial and economic stability.
    • UK banks offer investment and fund security.
    • Tax protection
    • Ease of using payment systems such as PayPal, Moneybookers and Google Checkout.
    • The UK offshore account will not have to pay any type of tax in the country.
    • You can do any type of business and investment anywhere in the world.

    Main offshore banks operating in the UK

    Why with Foster Swiss?


    oster swiss, an independent and international banking consultancy, has opening services for offshore account in UKAnd also anonymous numbered accounts, with debit cards in different continents, such as: Asia, America and Europe and always in the main banks worldwide, such as the European Union and the United States. Offshore accounts aimed at companies, individuals and major business corporations.

    Our knowledge of international banking makes us be able to offer these services in different continents and always in banks within Top 25 worldwideWe do not work with banks of a lesser rank than the EU. United States regulations FINMA type, Basel. We provide bank accounts for the e-commerce and Forex industry sectors, solving the opening of special accounts in Asia, America and Europe.