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Nur international and independent private banking consultancy has made headlines in the main national media, achieving a wide repercussion for its successes and achievements. Discover a little more in the following compilation of digital newspapers.


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South Canal

Foster Swiss promotes the first adapted sailing team that participates in the Copa del Rey

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The multinational Coiberian orders its Holding from Foster Swiss

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Opening an account in Switzerland: a legal option but not suitable for all budgets.

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Foster Swiss, 2020 official sponsor of the NGO Paraocio boat

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300% increase in capital outflows from Catalonia to Switzerland

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Aldebaran, the ship of improvement that received the support of the Royal Family

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The multinational Vancard finally trusts Foster Swiss for its European holding

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Foster Swiss participates in Numero Veritas expansion plan

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Foster Swiss advised companies increase by 42%

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Foster Swiss promotes the first adapted sailing team that participates in the Copa del Rey

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Pparticipating in the candle glass of HM the King of Palma de Mallorca 2019

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21st Century Diary

Foster Swiss managed the opening of 1.150 SICAVs in Luxembourg

Foster Swiss managed a record number of new SICAVs in Luxembourg in 2015, for the first time overcoming the barrier of a thousand of these companies. They make it possible to invest in a company with a flexible and versatile investment policy, in which the net asset value of the share is the result of dividing the equity value by the number of shares outstanding

Investment &

How to choose a good investment fund?

Lhe best investment funds are, without a doubt, those that best adapt to the objectives and aspirations of the investor, taking into account that the commissions are not too high. Therefore, the main characteristics that must be examined before opting for one or the other are the following:

The Gazette

Foster Swiss expands its services with the creation of savings cooperatives in Sweden

Lhe international consulting firm Foster Swiss expands its services throughout Europe. Among them, as an advisor in the creation of credit unions in Sweden. Savings and credit cooperatives in countries of the European Union are registered as "economic associations" and can cover up to 1.000 members, being the recipients of the same financial services.

Ok Daily

The Panama Papers trigger the activity of tax advisors and consultants

PFor those of our readers who are martial arts lovers one of the keys to being a good judoka is to put your opponent's strength against him. The more violence you develop, the neutralizing keys are easier to apply because everything consists of knowing how to position yourself well and that your clumsy movements exhaust you.

ABC newspaper

Opening an account in Switzerland: a legal option but not suitable for all budgets

Fhigh confidence in Spanish banks, search for higher returns, financial diversification or even try to reduce the tax burden. There are many reasons that can lead a saver to consider opening a bank account in a foreign entity, something perfectly legal as long as Spanish legislation is complied with.

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