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Sometimes, for economic-financial reasons, it is necessary to create a company in a short period of time, which requires professional action and without any type of error.

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The answer is Foster Swiss


Foster Swiss, with more than 15 years of experience, financial and tax consultants, with highly qualified personnel, are specialized in all kinds of international business projects, such as onshore / offshore company creation and companies already created. We offer our clients a complete business, legal and tax advisory service.

We have a large number of Limited Companies (SA) with 100.000 Swiss francs of capital stock and Limited Companies (SARL) with 20.000 Swiss francs, already established and operating with a bank account for new members.

    Offshore companies

    Pre-incorporated companies: the fast track


    n our role as international intermediaries and consultants, we offer interested parties a unique option in the market that offers incredible economic and tax benefits: ready-made companies in Switzerland with a bank account. In addition, you can manage with us all the procedures to obtain the residence and / or work permit in Switzerland.

    Our Ready Made companies are created specifically for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors who want a company for immediate use in Switzerland, avoiding all the bureaucratic framework necessary for its constitution and saving time and money, since they do not require the capital outlay Social.

    In addition to saving time and money, acquiring a company already created allows the company to have an appearance of longevity and confidence.

    Why Switzerland?


    So everyone has heard of the tax benefits (low taxes) and advantages that Switzerland offers to businessmen and investors and as a refuge to house the heritage.

    Swiss companies enjoy great credibility and prestige in the business world, due to their diligence and the excellent banking system they rely on, being very useful when carrying out important transactions.

    Political-economic stability and legal certainty mean that Swiss companies established for years become safe and durable securities in order to maintain profits in the future.

    Ready-made societies

    Types of companies

    Cin order to save time and money, Foster Swiss, presents you with a set of high capital Swiss limited companies, already created and inactive, available to raise funds legally and which have everything necessary to be operational: share capital of one million Swiss francs and bank account in the most solid banks and world insurance. Ideal for raising capital through the issuance of shares or participations of the company through its commercialization in the stock markets.

    In addition, we make available the Swiss Financial Companies, also appropriate for investment, raising and managing capital, with which to regulate and endow investment funds with recognized and commonly used formulas. Check with us for more information.

    Companies already created for normal use

    Companies already created to raise funds and own and third-party capital.

    What do you require?


    They require two members to establish the company, one of them residing in Switzerland. Also, make the deed of change of owner and shareholder and present the new shareholder to the bank. Although one of the members must be a resident of Switzerland, Foster Swiss will take care of this. After signing, in just 24 hours you will have your company already established and operational in Switzerland with a bank account.

    Residence and / or work permit


    Our specialized office based in Switzerland can provide you with all the necessary advice to carry out the procedures in order to obtain residence permits to be able to acquire your already created company. We help both European citizens and those who are not EU or belong to EFTA through our fiduciary services. All people who need to stay for more than three months need a residence permit that they can apply for at the cantonal immigration offices. To obtain the permit, it is necessary to know that you can benefit from an advantageous tax treatment.

    Additional Services

    Le we offer additional domiciliation services for your company in Switzerland, such as virtual office, Swiss telephone number so that your company appears correctly domiciled in the country and a prestigious physical domicile. If you are interested in purchasing a company already created in Switzerland, please contact us through our contact form. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.
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