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Sicav on Luxembourg

Experience in creating complex business structures at an international level makes Foster Swiss, an independent and quality banking consultancy, to be able to offer alternative formulas to creation of Sicav and in operating conditions in terms of investment possibilities and fundraising, without restrictions or limitations that characterize some European Sicavs.

Investment Companies

We design its bottom from investment a measure

We have successfully incorporated different investment funds and collective savings structures in European jurisdictions, managing to legally circumvent some of the provisions CNMV-FINMA in savings and credit structures.

We kindly ask you to check the sections of Swiss finance companies and savings and credit societies, as well as funds and Sicavs domiciled in Luxembourg but with a European passport, less expensive vehicles and with more freedom to choose investment assets.

By that on Luxembourg?

Luxembourg has become a prestigious jurisdiction: due to its solvency, because it is highly efficient in financial-tax matters and due to its high legal certainty, it occupies second place in the world ranking by volume of financial assets managed, only surpassed by USA.

Another of the key points that make Luxembourg are the least restrictions imposed by the country on investment policy of funds and sicavs. In Spain, Sicavs are subject to restrictive criteria regarding the assets in which they can invest. In Luxembourg, however, the bans are much less. In these instruments, for example, you can invest in venture capital, in real estate assets and up to 30% in alternative assets.

We register your funds in Luxembourg
We can register your funds in Luxembourg, under the UCITS format. In this way, your product will have a European passport, which implies that it is domiciled in a country, but it can be freely sold in any of the EU markets.
Investment Society

Which are the advantage from constitute a SICAV on Luxembourg?

Social capital

Minimum deposit

The minimum investment to set up Luxembourg Sicavs or Sifs funds is lower than in Spain. While Spanish Sicavs require a minimum equity of 2.4 million euros, in Luxembourg it is enough to collect 1.25 million euros.
Flexible investment


It allows the modification of the investment orientation and the type of assets with minimal fiscal impact.


The company may increase or decrease its initial capital up to 10 times, which allows the Sicav to be used as an instrument to manage surpluses or cash needs.
Registered office

Domicile in Luxembourg

Domiciliating a financial product in Luxembourg under the form of a European passport, to market it in Spain, allows managers to enjoy the tax privileges of that country, but without causing capital flight.
Without permanence


Possibility of buying or selling the shares at any time, since the Sicav is listed on the MAB.

Advantageous Taxation

Investment funds only pay 0.01% on equity in the case of Sicavs and Sifs; Taxing at 0.05% in the case of Sicavs that adhere to the UCIT regulations. There is no withholding tax for interest and capital gains for foreign investors. These lower costs for the managers have a bearing on the bottom line: for the same product, the net profitability of a Luxembourg fund or Sicav is usually higher.

We register your investment funds in Luxembourg

From Foster Swiss, international and independent banking consultants, we offer you the possibility of creating a new Society from Limited Liability in Switzerland adapted to your needs or the possibility of acquiring a pre-constituted company.

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