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Investment companies


Experience in creating complex business structures at the international level makes Foster Swiss, an independent and quality banking consultant, being able to offer alternative formulas to creation of Sicav and in operating conditions in terms of investment possibilities and fund raising, without restrictions or limitations that characterize some European Sicav.

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We design your investment fund to measure


we have successfully incorporated different Investment funds and collective savings structures in European jurisdictions, managing to circumvent some of the provisions legally CNMV-FINMA in savings and credit structures.

Please review the sections on our website Swiss financial companies and savings and credit companies, as well as funds and Sicavs domiciled in Luxembourg but with a European passport, less expensive vehicles and more freedom to choose investment assets.


    Investment companies

    What are the advantages of setting up a Sicav in Luxembourg?

    Advantageous taxation


    Investment funds only pay 0.01% on equity in the case of Sicavs and Sifs; taxing 0,05% in the case of Sicavs that fall under the UCIT regulations. There is no withholding tax for interest and capital gains on foreign investors. These lower costs for the managers result in the final result: for the same product, the net return of a Luxembourg fund or Sicav is usually higher.

    Domiciliary in Luxembourg


    omiciliar a financial product in Luxembourg under the European passport modality, to market it in Spain, allows managers to enjoy the tax privileges of that country, but without encouraging capital flight.

    Minimum deposit

    LThe minimum investment to establish the Sicavs or the Luxembourg Sifs funds is lower than in Spain. While the Spanish Sicavs require a minimum equity of 2.4 million euros, in Luxembourg it is enough to raise 1.25 million euros.


    PPossibility of buying or selling the shares at any time, since the Sicav is listed on the MAB.


    LThe company may increase or decrease up to 10 times its initial capital, which allows the Sicav to be used as an instrument to manage surpluses or treasury needs.


    PIssues the modification of the investment orientation and the type of assets with minimal fiscal impact.

    Why in Luxembourg?


    uxembourg has become a prestigious jurisdiction: due to solvency, because it has great financial and fiscal efficiency and due to its high legal certainty, it is second in the world ranking for the volume of financial assets managed, second only to United States.

    Another key point that makes attractive Luxembourg are the least restrictions that the country imposes on fund investment policy and sicavs. In Spain, Sicavs are subject to restrictive criteria regarding the assets in which they can invest. In Luxembourg, however, the bans are much lower. In these instruments, for example, you can invest in venture capital, real estate assets and up to 30% in alternative assets.

    We register your funds in Luxembourg

    PWe can register your funds in Luxembourg, under the UCITS format. In this way, your product will have a European passport, which means that it is domiciled in one country, but it can be sold freely in any of the EU markets.