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En many countries taking out an insurance policy as a retirement fund may have tax advantages.

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or interesting from the point of view of the asset protection is that, also under Swiss law, no money deposited into a policy can be claimed in court by creditors. In other words, the funds delivered are guaranteed against claims and seizures, provided that the beneficiaries are spouses and children.

They carry costs of own service management provided by the insurance company. Some products may have entry fees and annual commissions. Although there are no capital taxes, only 75% -80% of such profits go back to investors.

Altogether, it is a rather conservative investment, based on real estate products, such as mortgages, with few capital benefits. The risk is as low as the interest earned, since Swiss insurance companies have great stability and a financial base. The invested capital can be used as collateral for a loan made by the insurance company itself.

    Investment forms

    Life insurances
    tax free

    En some high tax jurisdictions it is not mandatory to declare contributions to life insurance. In general, this investment form allows deferring taxes until the collection or redemption of the policy. In some cases, instructions may be provided for the collection of the heirs as if it were a β€œtrust" Also in some countries the amounts invested in life insurances they cannot be claimed by creditors. In addition, there is a common European insurance market that should be explored as a form of investment, in addition to the fact that the benefits of insurance are excluded from the European Savings Directive.

    Advantages of Swiss insurance

    PFor residents of high taxation countries it is an interesting investment product, due not only to the interest it provides, which are not very high, but because the premiums can be deductible, according to the legislation. Despite providing dividends, they do not count as other financial assets. In some countries the contribution to a single premium insurance may be taxed.

    • As it is insurance, in accordance with Swiss law, no capital gains tax
    • Swiss jurisdiction guarantees life insurance deposits. Withdrawal is tax-free until an amount similar to the sum of contributions is reached.
    • In the absence of subscription costs, all the money delivered becomes invested.
    • The principal and interest can, theoretically, be withdrawn from the first year. Many people subscribe them as a retirement fund. In fact, funds can be withdrawn at any time, although there is a penalty if it is done before the first year is up.
    • Interest payments can be requested, while the principal continues to produce benefits.
    • Capital can be forfeited so that annuities are collected and the principal passes to the heirs.
    Which are?

    Types of insurance

    Single premium

    Fixed annual premium

    Variable annual premium

    The most prestigious insurance

    Swiss insurance


    Although they are also offered by companies from other jurisdictions, these are insurances that are subscribed preferably in Swiss insurers.

    • Money accumulates tax-free and at a moderate interest rate. It can be denominated the investment and the policy in the main currencies.
    • Both the entry premium and the annual premium (β€œannuity”) are around six thousand euros, although there are no subscription costs.
    • The investor can be both an individual and a company.

    Protection of heritage

    Currency flexibility

    ASome policies are single premium (β€œsingle-premium policy”) And can be denominated in different currencies. These products are offered in multiple jurisdictions in addition to the Swiss country, such as the Channel Islands.